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Thread: Voldemort after school!!

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    Voldemort after school!!

    I'm trying to write Voldemort's years after school. Now, according to the Haif-Blood Prince, he goes to work for Borgin and Burkes and after murdering Hepzibah, there's practically no mention of him. Also when he goes back to Hogwarts to ask for a teaching job, Dumbledore refuses him but then there's no mention of his whereabouts after that. So if anyone has any suggestions, kindly reply.

    Please make sure spelling, punctuation and capitalisation is correct in all posts.

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    According to the Lexicon, Tom Riddle applied for the job at Hogwarts (under Headmaster Dippet) within a few weeks of school's ending his senior year (June, 1945). "The next thing the staff knew,' according to Dumbledore, he was working at Borgin and Burkes. Around '46 or '47, he killed Hepzibah Smith, framing her house elf Hokey, and steals Slytherin's locket and Hufflepuff's Cup.

    Afterwards, he vanishes for ten years. When he returns, he is deformed and no longer Tom Riddle, but fully Lord Voldemort. He applies for the teaching position again at Hogwarts, and is denied by Dumbledore this time. Voldemort curses the position and no Dark Arts professor lasts longer than a year.

    Then in the 1970's, Voldemort begins to gather supporters, and strange disappearances and things began.

    So what you're asking, I think, is what he did during his time away from Hogwarts in that ten year span after killing Hepzibah Smith? I think he collected/searched for the remaining Horcruxes he wanted, and fulfilled the murders from which they were made. Then I think he probably studied the Dark Arts as much as he could, managed to make himself more powerful than most of the Wizarding World. Then maybe towards the end of that ten year span, he probably started to gain supporters/followers again. I doubt he took many on his travels, and I really doubt he spent ALL of his time in Great Britain.

    Hope that helps
    (: Laur

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    Everything that Laurskii is correct. During the missing time, I think that he might have spent part of it in Albania. We know that he hid the diadem wihen he went to apply for the post, so he probably spent time during his missing years looking for it. After all, finding a tree in a certain tree in forest is probably hard no matter how much power you have.

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