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Thread: How did Hagrid transport Harry?

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    How did Hagrid transport Harry?

    Hi all,
    I am writing a drabble about the night Lily and James died. I know Hagrid takes Harry on Sirius' motorbike, but how did Hagrid get Harry from Godric's Hollow to Sirius? If there is no answer, what do you think would be the most plausible method of transport? Thestral perhaps? But Hagrid said in DH he was too heavy for a thestral... any ideas?

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    What I think is that he waited at Godrics Hollow for Sirius to arrive there.

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    Sirius had been checking in on the Potters I believe. They really just randomly met at the Potter's mansion. Once it was clear that Hagrid wasn't going to give Harry to Sirius, he just gave the motorbike to him, claiming he wouldn't need it anymore.

    Good luck!

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    Since we know that Peter was the traitor and that Sirius knew this, he might have gone to Godrics Hallow hoping to stop whoever was going to kill them. If it was his habit of riding the bike instead of a broom then he would have taken this to the house. Since he arrived to late, maybe he alerted Dumbledore to what had happened and Hagrid came with Dumbledore. Sirus then gave his bike to Hagrid to use since it was already there.

    Just my theory on how it got there.

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    Since he arrived to late, maybe he alerted Dumbledore to what had happened and Hagrid came with Dumbledore.
    If it was Siruis who altered Dumbledore then wouldn't he had explained that he wasn't the secert keeper anymore and then not gone to Azkaban? Maybe both Siruis and Dumbledore had heard the rumors about what had happened at Godric's Hollow around the same time and Siruis just needed to see it with his own eyes before he believed it. Otherwise I agree with what butter_beer_drinker and everyone else is saying.


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    I think that Sirius went to the Potter's because he was Harry's godfather. He thought that he would get custody over Harry, so he went to retrive him.

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    Personally, I suspect it was Sirius who actually arrived first, or else very quickly after Hagrid did. I suspect that the methods being used to monitor the Potters house were used by both Dumbledore and Sirius - being James' best friend and the person the Potters trusted most. If Sirius arrived first, it seems likely he stared starstruck for some time. From PoA, it might be suggested that Hagrid believed he had arrived moments after Sirius, whom he later presumed as enjoying the reckage, though in fact Sirius had been there for some time. Dumbledore certainly took Sirius' word very quickly later on.

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    Okay. I sort of compiled almost all your theories. Here's how I wrote it:
    Dumbledore sent a letter to Sirius, explaining what happened and he told Sirius he thought it best if Harry went to live with Muggles. Sirius is already distraught about indirectly causing his friend's deaths by switching to Pettigrew. He flies on his bike to Godric's Hollow, and he arrived shortly after Hagrid. He begs Hagrid to let him have Harry, but Hagrid just says it's Dumbledore's orders. Sirius then offers the motorbike in a last desperate attempt to make Harry's life better as he'd just indirectly sucked a whole lot of happiness out of it. You can read the drabble from the link in my siggy if you want.
    Do you think I did it right? Thanks for your help everybody!

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    With Sirius on his flying bike
    Sirius went to check on Peter. When he discovered Peter was missing, he went immediately to Godric's Hollow to check on the Potters. He met Hagrid there. Hagrid refused to give Harry to Sirius, saying he was under orders from Dumbledore to bring Harry to him. Sirius then told Hagrid to take his bike "as he wouldn't need it anymore."

    I know this complete explanation is in one of the books, however, I am not on my own computer so I don't have the books handy to give you the book details. But, this is how it happened in canon.
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    Okay, firstly, I have to say this since it's annoying me. Before the end of PoA, Dumbledore believed SIRIUS to be the Secret-Keeper! There was NO WAY, therefore, if he believed that, that he would have contacted Sirius.

    Now, onto the rest.

    I think it's basically implied that both of them (Sirius as himself, and Hagrid under Dumbledore's orders) just happened to make it to Godric's Hollow around the same time. As Hagrid says in Chapter Ten: 'The Marauder's Map' of Prisoner of Azkaban:
    "It was me what rescued Harry from Lily an' James's house after they was killed! Jus' got him outta the ruins, poor little thing, with a great slash across his forehead, an' his parents dead ... an' Sirius Black turns up, on that flyin' motorbike he used ter ride. Never occurred ter me what he was doin' there. I didn' know he'd been Lily an' James's Secret-Keeper. Thought he'd jus' heard the news o' You-Know-Who's attack an' come ter see what he could do. White an' shakin', he was.


    "An' then he says, 'Give Harry ter me, Hagrid, I'm his godfather, I'll look after him --' Ha! But I'd had me orders from Dumbledore, an' I told Black no, Dumbledore said Harry was ter go ter his aunt an' uncle's. Black argued, but in the end he gave in. Told me ter take his motorbike ter get Harry there. 'I won't need it anymore,' he says."
    And then, Sirius's part of the story in the Shrieking Shack, in Chapter Nineteen: 'The Servant of Lord Voldemort':
    "The night they died, I'd arranged to check on Peter, make sure he was still safe, but when I arrived at his hiding place, he'd gone. Yet there was no sign of a struggle. It didn't feel right. I was scared. I set out for your parents' house straight away. And when I saw their house, destroyed, and their bodies ... I realised what Peter must've done ... what I'd done ..."
    Basically, here's the way it seems happened:

    --Goes on motorbike to check on Peter
    --Finds empty hiding place, gets 'scared', and heads to Godric's Hollow
    --Arrives on motorbike to a destroyed Godric's Hollow, James/Lily dead
    --Talks to Hagrid, tries to get Harry, gives Hagrid motorbike
    --Decides to go after Peter

    --Dumbledore sends him to Godric's Hollow to get Harry
    --Somehow, Dumbledore knew of attack, gives Hagrid orders to take Harry to Dursleys'
    --Hagrid gets Harry, sees Sirius show up
    --Talks to Sirius, tells him he can't have Harry
    --Sirius gives him his motorbike to get Harry to safety
    --Leaves Godric's Hollow

    Hagrid DID NOT know at this time that SIRIUS was BELIEVED TO BE THE SECRET-KEEPER! So, as far as Hagrid was concerned, Dumbledore had told him to take Harry to the Dursleys, and that was what he was going to do. Nothing else.

    It was more of a coincidence-type thing that they showed up at the same time. Dumbledore, I'm sure, under the belief that Sirius was SK, probably wanted to get someone there as soon as possible, if he believed that the 'traitor' would try and take Harry.

    Somehow, Dumbledore knew that Godric's Hollow had been destroyed, and he sent Hagrid. Sirius showing up was SIRIUS'S doing ONLY. Dumbledore (since he believed at that time that Sirius had been Secret-Keeper) would have DEFINITELY not wanted Sirius to show up before he could take Harry to the 'safety' of his relatives.


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