Name: mudbloodproud
House: Hufflepuff
Title: Summer Solstice and the Full Moon
Warnings: none
Word Count: 496
Authors Note: This is set in 1997. June 20th that year was also the night of the full moon. The first full moon after Bill was attacked by Greyback.

It is the longest day of the year. The irony of this fact does not escape your notice. The course your life will take depends on this night. Tonight is the night of the full moon.

To celebrate the day, your mother makes a large picnic lunch and the entire family eats out in the yard. Your siblings challenge you to a game of Quidditch. Though you don’t really feel like playing, you understand they are trying to keep your mind occupied.

You agree to play, only to have your mother and fiancé say you can’t. They say you are not sufficiently healed enough to play. You need your rest. Not wishing to start another argument with your mum, you give in and sit with your fiancé against a tree watching the others play.

The day seems to go one forever. You watch as the sun moves slowly across the sky.

You say goodbye to your fiancé knowing she loves you. You say goodbye to your mother who you know does not understand why you have to leave. Why you insist on doing this alone.

So you go to the place to which you have arranged to spend the night. Though your friend thinks this is for naught, he understands your need to be sure.

“Bill, you know I believe you are not a werewolf, but I do understand why you are doing this.” Remus tells you this as he leads you down to the basement.

“I am thankful you understand. And I am very grateful to Tonks for agreeing to let me stay here tonight.” You try to give your friend a smile, but you know that it probably looks more like a grimace than a true smile.

“If you need anything, Dora is just upstairs. I on the other hand, will be a bit indisposed for the night. I am going now to take my potion and lock myself in the attic.” Remus reaches out to shake your hand. His face shows his worry and something that looks like embarrassment on his face.

You chose not to comment on the emotions you see in his face. Thanking him again, you settle in. You chose to sit facing the small window so you can see the moon as it rises.

This night will decide the course of your future.

At last you see the pale light of the moon shining in the window. You stand and walk over to the window and let the moon’s rays shine on you.

Though you feel a strange attraction to the glow of the moon, you remain a man.

Laughing, you realise what Remus told you is correct. You are not a werewolf. Turning on the spot, you Apparate home to those you love.

Opening the front door of the Burrow, you are at once enveloped in a hug from Fleur. Smiling, you kiss her face.

“I am home, love. And best of all, I am just a man.”