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Thread: How did Dumbledore find out Snape heard the prophecy?

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    How did Dumbledore find out Snape heard the prophecy?

    Hi all!
    I am writing a fic centering on Lily and Severus, during the time when Snape heard the prophecy, Lily went under the Fideleus Charm etc.

    I was wondering how exactly Dumbledore found out that Voldemort planned to target the Potters so he knew it was imperative that he put them under the Fideleus Charm. Any ideas?

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    Aberforth dragged Severus out of the pub, so he probably told his brother who had been at the door. He probably told him when he was pulled away, so he probably was able to figure out how much he had heard. He probably knew before Snape switched sides that the Potters might be targetted. Trelawney also mentioned that Snape burst in the room, so Dumbledore himself might have been aware of how much Snape had heard.
    Then, once Snape came to him begging, Deathly Hollows 677-78 American edition, this probably only confirmed what he knew. Refresh your memory and look at those pages, they'll probably be very helpful for you and this fic.

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    I should have figured that out!! Thanks so much for the help!!

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