April 30th: Hitler Commits Suicide - Is this the day of Grindlewald's death?

Give me the benefit of the doubt and call the above comment a typo. That should, of course, have read "Grindlewald's defeat". My bad.

but most of the Durmstrang students we know, have slavic names
Indeed. Slavic being quite seperate from the peoples of North Russia. Aside from which, how many Durmstrang students do we know? I can recall four names.

Also the traditions and culture of Durmstrang fit better with Russia than Finland, Sweden and Norway.
Which traditions and cultural aspects are we talking about here, if I may ask? I confess, I'm not immediately recognising any aspects of Durmstrang as being particularly akin to any of the above countries.

(Forgive me dragging this conversation past what might have been it's final destination, but I find these discussions intreging, and worth thinking about)