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Thread: 1945 Grindelwald/Dumbledore Battle

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    1945 Grindelwald/Dumbledore Battle

    I know that Dumbledore defeated Grindelwald in 1945, but does anyone know the month? Also, where did the duel occur? Would it make more sense to have been in Britain, or somewhere in eastern Europe, where Grindelwald was more powerful? Tell me any ideas you have!

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    About all we know about the timing is that it was in 1945. This was from the Chocolate Frog card in the first book. Not even the Lexicon has the month, so I don't think it's mentioned anywhere else in the books.

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    For second question, I have always thought that the duel would be in Bulgaria. In DH, Krum said that Grindelwald inscribed his 'symbol' on the wall of Durmstrang School, located in Bulgaria. It makes it seem like he had a lot of power there. So he would probably spend a lot of his time in and around Bulgaria.


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    In DH, Krum said that Grindelwald inscribed his 'symbol' on the wall of Durmstrang School, located in Bulgaria.
    Actually, Durmstrang is located in Russia, not in Bulgaria. But it's true Grindelwald was powerful there, he was powerful in the whole of Eastern Europe, so it's possible the battle took place in Bulgaria.

    I'd say it took place somewhere in Eastern Europe (maybe Bulgaria) or Germany, I don't think Britain is a very likly opption. As for the month, I'm rather sure you can choose the one you think would be best.

    Good luck

    MvH Johan

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    I don't think Britain is a very likly opption.
    I believe that somewhere in one of the books, DH I think, it mentions that Dumbledore waited and waited until he was sure that he was the only one who could stop him (because of their history), and therefore went to find him. I am not positive on this point though, but fairly sure.

    So I think it fairly certain that the duel took place somewhere other than Britain. The Lexicon states that this duel took place during the final year of World War II, that may give you some likely places. Grindelwald built the prison, Nurmengard, which sounds as though it could be German, to me anyway. So Germany may be a likely place for the duel to have taken place.

    Hope that helped some.


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    I personnaly tend to think that World War II and the whole Grindelwald's reighn of terror were closly related. though this could be due to the fanfics I've read and the authors ability to weave the story so beautifully but if following that, I would say Germany because Grindelwald sounds German and so does the name of his prison. As pointed out, Dumstrung is in Russia and was attended by Krum who was a Bulgarian. So whu not by a German too? the schooll was famed for its dark arts so I would imagine anyone seking more knowledge on that paticular subject would wish to attend the school regardless of where they come from.

    Hope that helped=Sammy

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