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Thread: Pansy Parkinson

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    Pansy Parkinson

    I'm writing a new story, set after DH, about Draco and Pansy. In this story, I'm not sure about how Pansy would act after the defeat of Voldemort. Would she still be the kind of girl who hates Mudbloods and would she believe that Voldemort should have triumphed? Don't want to give to much away about the plotline, but I'm writing that Draco changes his ways and Pansy still is the same with her treatment of people with filthy blood.

    I don't believe that the woman that Draco is married to and has a child with in the last chapter, is Pansy, otherwise I reckon J.K would have just said it was her, so I'm writing that Pansy and Draco break up.

    Any help with this will be most helpful and loved by me, thanks people!


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    Madame Marauder
    I hate to sound bossy or anything, but shouldn't this thread be in "minor characters" as Pansy has never been a main player in Jo's story?

    If you want Draco and Pansy to break up, perhaps you can have Draco explain to her how hard his father had to work to keep his family out of Azkaban and that he doesn't want her to mess the clean-slate image he has with her predjudices. Maybe he tells her he needs some time to find himself and his place in this new world, but he's got to do it alone-- and then he never comes back for her.

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    You don't sound bossy at all, don't worry. After I started the thread I went, oops. Thanks for the advice!


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    Mollie Black
    I think that Pansy's hate for mudbloods runs too deep for it to stop just because Voldy's gone. I agree with what has been said, that Draco should use the whole, "clean slate" line. I think he should try to deal with it for a while, trying to get her to stop. You know, correcting her when she says mudblood and stuff like that. But after a while, I think that he needs to get fed-up with everything and leave.

    I know I wasn't much help, but I don't know what else to say.


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    Pansy has always struck me as a girl who would agree with anything that Draco says to be on his good side, just so that she could be with him.

    It reminds me of that scene in Eddie Murphy's movie "Coming To America". Eddie's character is first introduced to his "Queen-To-Be". And he takes her to a room off the side to ask her a few questions.

    He: What are your likes?
    She: Whatever his Highness likes?
    He: So what are your dislikes?
    She: Whatever his Highness dislikes?

    And then the scene has him making her do all sorts of things, that she obeys his every command. So he decided that he wanted to find a wife that could think for herself.

    So I think for Draco, after everything he's been through, would want a strong woman with a mind of her own to complement his nature. Pansy doesn't strike me as someone who could stand on her own.

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    Thanks you both to mrsmcclnt and Mollie Black for the help. I agree with mrsmcclnt about Pansy agreeing with Draco to get on his good side. She seems the follower type not the take the lead type. I'd better go and start writing now!


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    Quote Originally Posted by FlightofthePhoenix
    Thanks you both to mrsmcclnt and Mollie Black for the help. I agree with mrsmcclnt about Pansy agreeing with Draco to get on his good side. She seems the follower type not the take the lead type. I'd better go and start writing now!

    I'm going to have to disagree. I think Pansy deserves more credit. To me, she isn't a follower but she's not a leader either. She's more of those people who take a smaller yet equally as important position than others.

    We don't have very many examples of Slytherin women. We mostly have men -- Lucius, Draco, Snape, Voldemort, Slughorn, Regulus, Rodolphus, etc. There are actually only two "main" women that are good examples -- Bellatrix and Narcissa, and they are both very different. It's common knowledge that Bellatrix is sadistic and relishes in cruelty but Narcissa isn't as easy to classify. She was made 3-dimensional in HBP when she asked Snape to make the Unbreakable Vow. She was even more developed when she spared Harry's life in DH and was a mother. We saw that, unlike her older sister, she has a heart and cares especially for Draco, but we also know that Narcissa knows right from wrong and she does what she can to do the right thing. I think -- I know that the only reason why she's a Death Eater is because Lucius and Draco are and in that sense she played the role she was supposed to -- the supportive pure-blood mother role. She took on that role because she loves her husband and her son -- they are her life and she did everything in her power (which wasn't much) to make sure they stayed safe and alive. That kind of responsibility is not easily handled. So in my mind, Narcissa is a very strong, supportive, patient, and caring woman who is gorgeous and knows it.

    To me, Pansy is a Narcissa. She does what she is told as long as it doesn't affect her negatively. You have to have certain characteristics to be a Slytherin -- cunning, ambitious, pure-blooded. It's known that those can bend since Voldemort wasn't pureblooded yet ended up in Slytherin (because he was the Heir of Slytherin). Pansy's ambitious nature is portrayed in her relationship with Draco. Draco is the "king" of Slytherin, just as his father was when he was in school, I'm sure. Everyone who is anyone in Slytherin is with Draco. We don't hear about any other Slytherin boy having henchmen or being added on the Quidditch team out of the blue. Draco is their he's Pansy's as well. She shoots high by fancying him (ambitious) and doesn't let anything get in her way to be with him (cun). In short, she's a Slytherin.

    However, I do think Draco is more human than she is -- if that makes sense. In my opinion, Draco grew up a lot during and after the war. His father was almost shipped off to Azkaban (again?) and he had the pressure of his beloved Aunt Bella to live up to. He had/has to go through things Pansy would never have to. He would need a woman that understands him and supports him (which is why I'm a Fire/Ice shipper >.>). He needs a strong, understanding, patient, caring woman. A woman like his mother.

    Hope I helped.

    -- Mariana

    Beth: Great second opinion. Nicely supported too. 10 points. - awarded

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    Wow. You definately earned those 10 points. Thanks very much for the advice. Now I must think about this new info before I actually start writing. Was going to ages ago, but too many assesment tasks and homework finally caught up.


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    Ryan The Wizard

    Pansy Parkinson...uuugggh

    Pansy Parkinson is known for having a mind of her own. She also drastically loves Draco. I believe that she would change her opinions just to fall in line with Draco's way of thinking. Otherwise Draco wouldn't give her a second thought.

    Draco's father was done wrong by the Dark Lord, and I doubt Draco wants to follow in his footsteps. The fact that he doesn't curse the family's heads off in the Epilogue is proof enough for that.

    I don't know if it's just all the fics I've been reading lately, but I believe Petunia only went with Vernon and denounced the wizarding world because she would have nobody if not for him. Therefore it is realistic to assume that Pansy would be the same here.

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    Hope I'm not too late to contribute.

    I think Pansy fancies Draco because he is basically the leader of Slytherin. i think it would be quite easy to break then up after the Battle of Hogwarts because the Malfoys role will change. I know JK has said that Lucius stays out of prison- well maybe pansy's family don't (are they mentioned.?). And the Draco at the end of DH is not the same as the Draco at the beginning of HBP.

    Whenever I've thought about Pansy- especially after HBP I've always thought she'd end up with Zabini. She makes some sly comment to him and Draco about boys fancying Ginny and both react aggressively. She also says "We know how fussy you are, Blaise" I always wondered if she was playing the two off - maybe not in reality but in her head.

    Anyhoo hope that helps.

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