I'm planning on writing a story that circles around Helena Ravenclaw and the night of her death. There are a few things I'm not sure about, however, and unfortunately I don't own a Deathly Hollows book to re-read the chapter where Harry confronts the Grey Lady.

One of my questions about her story is, was the Bloody Baron an old suitor or he did have a crush on her and she simply rejected him?

Also, how old was she when it happened? (I suppose this also means, how old is her ghost?) 20's? 30's? Younger even?

In general, I'm not sure how specific the conversation between her and Harry gets as well, and I simply don't want to go against the book. If someone does own it, and could clarify that briefly it would be wonderful.

I doubt the Grey Lady gets so specific that she's re-telling the dialog between her and the Bloody Baron but if that is the case, please let me know and thank-you for answering my questions.

~Beauty Fades