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Thread: Rose Weasley

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    I've always seen Rose having absolutely beautiful cursive, so ulike mine. This may sound like an odd question, but is she left-handed or right-handed?
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    Do you think Rose Weasley would end up in Gryffindor or Ravenclaw? What personality traits do you believe she would have that would contribute to this sorting?

    In my story, I placed Rose in Ravenclaw for several different reasons. First off, just because she is not in Gryffindor doesn't necessarily mean she isn't brave. On the contrary, she is recklessly brave at time, though her reasons for being so are not the pure nobility of a true Gryffindor. While Rose is a caring person, she has a logical mind that separates the people she knows into two categories: loved ones and others. She would risk everything she someone she deeply cares about, but for everyone else, she would leave them behind without any feeling of guilt at the time. Of course, she may regret the decision later on since she does take a lot of time to reflect on her actions when she is alone, but for the most part she would just be happy the ones she loves are alright.

    That got a bit of topic... The main reason a placed her in Ravenclaw is because she inherited her mother's bright mind (but no her study habits) along with the strategic part of her father's mind that caused him to be such an amazing chess player. She is also very competitive, a trait I usually associate with Ravenclaw since their thirst for knowledge would often, I imagine, would result in a contrant race of who will figure it out first and who is top of the class and so on. Rose's competitiveness is mostly seen through her Quidditch matches rather than her exams, but she would definitely be a bit put off if someone bragged about getting a higher mark than her.

    Rose is also independent, another quality of Ravenclaw House that is seen the greatest in Luna Lovegood. I imagine that most Ravenclaws have to have to have some sort of "I don't care what others think" attitude since they are unafraid to miss a Quidditch game in order to study for a test. Obviously, Rose isn't a normal Ravenclaw Eagle since she would always pick Quidditch over text books, but the main point is still the same. She isn't afraid to be herself and will fight for what she wants.

    Is it a strecht to believe that Rose and Scorpius will become romantically involved? If not, would that at least be capible of being friends?

    Considering Ron's famous words at the train station, I think it would be a stretch to say that they WON'T become involved in some way. After all, we've all witnessed JK's amazing foreshadowing abilities. I doubt she would have Ron even mention marrying Scorpius to Rose if she didn't think the two of them would end up together a few years down the road.

    In my story, Rose and Scorpius meet on the train and have a semi-civil discussion, but for the rest of the school year, they mostly ignore each other. Second year, Rose tries to make up for her rude behavior, but Scorpius wants nothing to do with her. This leads to a very competitive third year in the classrooms and on the Quidditch field. After a bit of maturing, the two put aside their differences fourth year and actually become friends, and this bond only grows stronger fifth year and there is even a sense of romance between them. In sixth year, things far about for the two after some events that I won't get into detail, and as for seventh year, well, I don't won't to post any spoilers for my story, so I'll just leave it at that...

    Does Rose Weasley seem like the type to pick up Quidditch (does she take after her father's love or her mother's indifference)? What position would she play?

    Rose is a very passionate Quidditch player and starts her third year. Even though she tried out for Keeper (being Daddy's little girl) the captain of the team noted her fast reflexes and agility on the broom that, while valuable in a Keeper, are essential in a Seeker. She was a bit disappointed at first, but now she can't imagine playing any other position.

    Do believe Rose will share her mother's anxieties and rabid behavior when in comes to school work, or do you see her as being more confident in her own abilities as a student?

    Rose doesn't worry about her studies much unless she has a reason for wanting a perfect grade, such as when she's about to ask her parents for something or another student challenges her intelligence in which Rose has to prove them wrong. Unlike her father, she does get her work done in a timely manner and never copies any assignment, but she doesn't study every night like her mother. She does the work asked of her, nothing more and nothing less, and only really studies the night before for an hour or two. Even during O.W.L.'s (and later N.E.W.T.'s), she never stresses about her marks, and still manages to come out with mostly O's. Her logical mind just doesn't see the point in studying something she already knows well enough to do well on an exam, and even if she does get stuck on a question, she can usually make up a fairly close answer that gets her at least half credit.

    What kind of relationship do you believe she has with her younger brother? With her cousins?

    My opinion seems to be very different from the majority. I personally don't see Rose and Hugo having a very close relationship during their Hogwarts years. Before that, I could see the two of them palling around and playing together all the time since they are only a year apart. They would have their fair-share of sibling rivalry, but they are so different that they don't full-out sibling fight like others might. Rose is curious and adventurous and wanders off while Hugo usually stays close to their parents and the rest of his family and doesn't like being on his own. As kids, Rose dragged Hugo around with her, but as he became more and more resistent to her efforts (and his taller size soon out grew her so she could no longer physically force him to come with her), she would have given up on his companionship little by little.

    As for the rest of the cousins, I'll try to make this as short as possible!

    Teddy: Being the oldest, Teddy is sort of the big brother over the entire family, mostly the girls and especially towards Lily and Rose since he spent the most time with the Potters and the Ron/Hermione Weasleys as he was growing up. Rose looks up to Teddy greatly and, as most little sisters view this big brothers, she sees him as being invincible and able to protective himself from any danger. In other words, he can basically do no wrong. Whenever she's feeling sad, she automatically goes to him for comfort.

    Victoire: Rose doesn't get along to well with her oldest cousin because they simply don't have a lot in common other than their House. Victoire can be manipulative and vain, traits the Rose can't stand, though they both have the general aura of "the girl next door" feeling. While Rose isn't a completely tom boy and Victoire isn't a complete beauty queen, those aspects of their personalities clash. Rose don't sometimes go to Victoire for boy advice, but only after she has asked everyone else in her family.

    Dominique: Rose and Dominique are kindred spirits who will not be told how to live their lives and will fight for what they want; Dominique just takes it a step farther than Rose and is a lot gutsier when going against her family. They have a close friendship, and Rose often goes to Dominique for advice on just about anything, and she also does her best to council Dominique when she is having a hard time with a big decision.

    James, Fred, and Louis: These three boys are never seen apart, so I thought I would combine them all into a category. Together, they acts of a separate big brother force that enjoys teasing their family but would kill for them at the same time. Individually, they are very different. James and Rose often clash because they both inherited a strong dose of Weasley stubbornness, so when they disagree, they will argue about it for days, weeks, and even months until one of them finally decides to drop it. Fred is much more understanding, and although Rose doesn't often go to him when she's going through a hard time, he is always there for her. Louis is soft-spoke and sticks to the rules, so he and Rose don't have very much in common, but they would protect each other as any member of the family would.

    Molly and Lucy: These two sort of act as the angel and devil on Rose's shoulder. Molly will encourage Rose to not listen to anyone but her heart while Lucy will advice Rose to think her decision through thoroughly and logically. It isn't always clear which one acts as the devil and wich as the angel, but Rose usually ends up ignoring them both and choosing her own third option. All three are prefects, so they spend a lot of time together and get along fairly well, though Rose sometimes gets fed up with Lucy's know-it-all attitude or Molly's extreme bending of the rules.

    Roxanne: Rose, Roxie, and Dominique often hang out together playing Quidditch or just generally rough-housing, so Rose and Roxie share a similar relationship to Rose and Dominique.

    Lily: Lily is the youngest cousin, so Rose, along with the rest of the family, tend to baby her and be very over-protective. Rose is more understanding than some of her older cousins, but the two redheads do sometimes have a tense relationship when either of them makes a decision the other doesn't agree with.

    Albus: Out of all her family, Rose is closest to Albus. Whether this is because they grew up together or because his mellow personality balances out her fiery one, they are inseparable. They tell each other everything and all their fondest memories have each other in them.

    What I'm putting forth is, why does Rose seem to be the one Weasley who cuts away from the pack?

    I think this is because, as stated before, we do know both of her parents so well. The only other part of the family like this is Harry and Ginny's kids, but their names and clues in the Epilogue lead to very distinct personality. Albus is like Harry; James is like his grandfather; and Lily is like her mother/grandmother. Teddy is also a similar situation, but for reason, the HP community has seemed to agree on a healthy mix between Tonks and Remus, perhaps two of the most loved characters in HP.

    Rose and Hugo both have the option to be many different personalities because their parents are also so different. They are truly opposite in every way, which gives a lot more options for these Weasley children versus, lets say, the Potter kids whose parents are very similar in most aspects. The reason Rose causes more contradictions then Hugo is still a mystery. I think it is mostly because not a lot of writers concentrate on him since everyone is still preoccupied with Albus and Rose more than any of the other cousins. Also, this could be that he is the youngest, so whatever personality they give Rose, they can just give Hugo the opposite.

    Focusing back on the topic, I think writers enjoy the idea of a Rose who is very much like her mother but also can't resist the idea of a Rose who is just like her dad. I think the only reason so many people view her as a bookish, Hermione copy is because of Ron's comment about her inheriting Hermione's smart brain. I think people forger that someone can be smart without being the extreme that Hermione was, or that a person can start school as being really dedicated to studying but losing their motivation in later years.

    As for the rest of her personality, as mentioned before, there's an either or option. Athletic or indifferent? Studious or lazy? Short temper or mellow? Open about emotions or closed off? Values a plan or spur of the moment? And then we must always remember that Rose is her own person and will develop traits that neither of her parents have, which only makes the entire process even more confusing!

    What kind of guy would Rose be good with?

    In my story, Rose does end up with Scorpius, but his personality does compliment hers. Rose is very open about her emotions and where she stands, and Scorpius is rather closed-off and isn't very good at talking about feelings and such. Rose has a very short temper and lashes out when it is set off, but Scorpius is very patient and in control of his emotions and only shows anger after the fact when he rants about it later. Of course, he does sometimes forget to bite his tongue and says something really hurtful, while Rose prefers to shoot a jinx (or a fist) when in a confrontation. Rose is very fun-loving and out-going, and Scorpius is more reserved. She doesn't always think things through, so he's there to point out when she needs to slow done and think about the situation. In other words, the balance each other, which I think is important for any couple.

    So, to better answer the question, it depends on your view of Rose. If she is more bookish and quiet and shy, she would probably fit better with someone out-going and confident though sees the importance of knowledge as well. If she is more of an athletic jock who is a bit ignorant of other, she would probably end up with someone who is very open about their emotions and maybe more on the quiet and observant side.

    What sort of handwriting would Rose have?

    For my version of Rose, I think she would have a slightly messy style that is obviously written quickly as she thinks, though still clearly eligible. I think that when she writes essays, though, she would try to make her script neat, and it would turn out very nice though very generic. Not too loopy or too straight, but just like it was copied straight from a book.

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