We currently seem to be lacking a thread for Rose Weasley, so I shall post one with some hopefully thought provoking questions.

Do you think Rose Weasley would end up in Gryffindor or Ravenclaw? What personality traits do you believe she would have that would contribute to this sorting?

Is it a strech to believe that Rose and Scorpius will become romantically involved? If not, would that at least be capible of being friends?

Does Rose Weasley seem like the type to pick up Quidditch (does she take after her father's love or her mother's indifference)? What position would she play?

Do believe Rose will share her mother's anxieties and rabid behavior when in comes to school work, or do you see her as being more confident in her own abilities as a student?

What kind of relationship do you believe she has with her younger brother? With her cousins?