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Thread: The Prophecy

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    The Prophecy

    Does anyone know when the prophecy was made in comparison with Lily and Alice's pregnancies? Also, when did Snape switch sides?

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    I always thought the prophecy was made just after both Alice and Lily gave birth, but I'm not exactly sure. If you're putting this into a story you could probably make this part up. As for Snape, he switched sides on the night of Lily's death, or sometime very soon after (refer to DH, the chapter where Harry watches Snape's memories about Lily). Hope this helped!


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    Lexicon timeline states:

    c. 1980 (Y0)
    history & timelines Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry witches and wizards Albus Dumbledore interviews Sibyll Trelawney for the post of Divination teacher at HogwartsHe meets her at the Hog's Head about taking the position, although he is disinclined to continue offering Divination at all. Trelawney then makes a prophecy about a baby who will be born at the end of July, a baby who will be able to defeat the Dark Lord - and the prophecy is overheard by Severus Snape. Though Dumbledore claims Snape heard only the first half of the prophecy (OP37), Trelawney later reports that he was there at the end of it as well (HBP25).

    This interview had to have taken place sometime after July of 1979 in order for it to apply to Harry's birth in 1980 [Y0], and Dumbledore describes it as a "cold, wet night" (OP37). So it was likely made in the winter or early spring of 1979-1980 [Y-1-Y0].

    We also know that Trelawney, in early September of 1995 [Y15], claimed she had held her post for "nearly sixteen years" (OP15), which would imply that she was hired in the middle of a school year. And then, Dumbledore says in June of 1996 [Y16] that the interview was "sixteen years ago" (OP37). So unless Dumbledore is wrong, the interview must have been in the first few months of 1980 [Y0] - sixteen years before Dumbledore's statement, a slightly exaggerated 'nearly sixteen years' before Trelawney's, and during the time of year most likely to have a "cold, wet night."
    As far as when Snape switched sides, Lexicon lists in Snape's timeline August of 80 once he realized Voldemort was going to target the Potters. I know I read an article somewhere that discussed Snape's change of sides, but for the life of me, I can't remember where. If I find it, I will post it for you to read.

    Hope this helps.
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