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Thread: 5th year classes

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    5th year classes

    Hello, I have a quick question - mainly because I have writers block in the worst form.

    What sort of things might fifth year DADA students learn? (I don't think they learned anything in Harry's fifth year, so I can't take ideas from that). Oh, and the prof is Lupin. Would they do dark creatures, as that seems to be Lupin's specialty? Or the type of spells learned in the DA? I vaguely remember counter-jinxes mentioned in Umbridge's class.

    Any thoughts? And any thoughts on other fifth year classes? I am mainly taking ideas for those from what Harry learned in his fifth year...

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    Why not look into the chapter in Order of the Phoenix entitled O.W.L.'s? I'm sure you can get an idea of what the students were supposed to learn, based on what they were tested on during their O.W.L.'s. I don't have a copy of a book in front of me, but I would go there first before anything. You can also search the Lexicon for any information regarding the different subjects offered at Hogwarts.

    I would guess that fifth year students would be learning a lot of advanced magic, so you could pretty much guarantee that they would learn about some dark magic. McGonagall spent a great deal of time talking to the students about different career options as well, so there might have been more emphasis placed on pratical magic.

    The students in Harry's year would have been a different case entirely because they had never really had a solid teacher in that particular subject, so they were always behind. Think about how your own studies progress too for another thought. One year you may learn Algebra, then another you may choose to take Calculus. It is simply a progression, so I think you would be safe in including advanced spellwork/topics.

    I hope I helped!


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    I would go with Harry´s forth DADA year. Moody shoved them some nasty stuff like the Unforgivable Curses. I would stick to that. And of course you can add something like DA practice in the lessons. Hope it helped.


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