Okay guys, I need a little bit of help from those who have done there homework concerning the Triwizard Tournament.

Here are some questions, though if you feel something needs to be added, go right ahead. I need allt he help I can get.

The Last Triwizard Tournament (not including the one in 1994-hehe) is supposed to be so long ago that everyone knows it exists, knows it's some amazing thing, but it is basically history and no one thinks it will ever come back due to the death toll. When do you estimate the Last Triwizard Tournament being held? Apparently, when it was regularly hosted, it was held every five years.

Which school do you think it would have been held at? My guess is Hogwarts, becuase that's the impression I got when it was talked about.

I know it was a big deal when they upped the age to enter to 17 (of age), but what do you think it was before? Surely, a first year would not actually be entered, or could they?

Thank you! I will probably pop in with more questions soon.