Name: Rushia
House: Ravenclaw
Title: For the Best
Drabble responding to: Phia Phoenix's Mistreated, post number 9
Warnings: none
Words: 495

Hokey looked up from the spotless floor of her cell—it had been so dusty and filthy before—at the sound of footsteps, quick and sharp.

“Auntie?” came a familiar little squeak of a voice. “Auntie, is you okay?”

Hokey got up and came to the polished bars to meet Winky, now dressed in a little tea towel draped like a toga. “Winky, you is wearing new clothes....”

She beamed with pride, her ears twitching. “Mr. Crouch gave this to Winky. He is Winky’s new Master. I is wishing you could meet him, Auntie, he is so kind and gives Winky so much work to do!”

“Good you has work, Winky,” Hokey said, nodding. “My only work is keeping this cell clean....”

Her ears drooped, and Winky scuffed the floor outside the cell with a toe, not looking at Hokey. “Perhaps is for the best, Auntie,” she mumbled, her voice a subdued squeak. “If you is killing your Mistress on accident....”

“I served her best I could,” Hokey said defensively, drawing back from the bars as if stung. “What any house-elf could, all my life. I did not mean to—I served my Mistress in everything she wanted. And now, for that, I die?”

“No, no,” Winky said reassuringly, poking an arm through the bars. “No, Auntie. They is helping you. You is hurt and scared because you killed your Mistress. Is an awful thing to do, to kill a Mistress,” she added, nodding to emphasize the point.

Hokey sniffled, allowing her hand to be taken and squeezed reassuringly by her niece. She wrapped her other hand around Winky’s. “Winky believes me. Winky knows I did not want to kill Mistress. I loved my Mistress.”

She patted Hokey’s hands, bundled around one of hers, and nodded solemnly. “But you is old, Auntie. You is making bad mistake that killed your Mistress.” Hokey winced and looked away, but Winky kept going. “What if they gave you new Mistress, and Auntie make another mistake and kill her, too?”

“Hokey ... Hokey wouldn’t....”

“Auntie did not mean to kill this Mistress, but she did,” Winky pressed. “They is helping you. No one wants Auntie to make mistake again, even Auntie. They not giving you clothes so you is miserable.”

Hokey shivered. “Hokey no want clothes. Hokey likes work.”

“But is only three ways: give clothes, give new Mistress, or kill Auntie. Auntie no want clothes, and no one want Auntie to hurt Mistress again on accident, so they kill Auntie. So Auntie can feel better and not be miserable.”

It was true she didn’t want clothes—just the thought of having no work until she died made her blood run cold—but she didn’t think she’d make a mistake like that again. On the other hand, did she even know she had made a mistake until Mistress died? Reluctantly, Hokey nodded. “Mayhaps.... Mayhaps Winky right....”

Winky beamed at her. “Winky is right, Auntie will see! This is better.”
I hope it's okay that I used the same situation as well as the same characters....
kehribar: Yes, it's okay since you use it to show another character's point of view. Three points for a good response drabble. *giggles at the word 'mayhaps'*

~ Lucia