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Thread: Do Prefects patrol after curfew?

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    Do Prefects patrol after curfew?

    Are Prefects allowed to patrol after curfew? Are they asked too? I can't remember, and can't find anything about it on the Lexicon.

    If anyone knows anything that could help, that'd be great.

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    I always thought that they did. It made sense to me, that a few trusted students would help patrol the cooridors in search of students out of bed. But that doesn't mean that the perfects are allowed to stay out for the entire night. Maybe they have a curfew too, just that it's later than everyone else's and their expected to use the extra time to patrol.

    Hope this helps!


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    I think one of the duites of the prefects is to help teachers make sure there are no students out after curfew. Like Mere said, they probably don't have to stay out all night.

    I can't find this anywhere officially, but I'd imagine that the prefects would take turns patrolling the corridors after hours.

    Prefects might also not have a set curfew because this is one of their duties... They might be allowed to be out after curfew, but not forced to stay out all night patrolling.

    Hope this helps!


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