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Thread: Toasters Take to the Air!

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    “What the bloody—”

    Tonks had never seen the burly Scotsman so mad! He flew off to Madame Hooch in an indignant rage… allowing Henry Chang and Justin Rathbone to make two easy goals while he was out of the scoring area. Boos and jeers filled the stands. The Hogwarts team was being flattened, one hundred to ten. At least she had scored the only Hogwarts goal; that was something to brag about.

    It didn’t help that Shen was distracting her either! Flying close to her, catching her eye. Flint was already creeping her out! She didn’t need two distractions!

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    Shen knew it was a crucial moment and yet Tonks kept looking at him. It took him a moment to realize she was trying to signal something.

    And when he figured this out, his stomach plummeted. There was the Snitch, right beside Parkinsons’s ear and she hadn’t noticed. But his Tonks had and she was calling for a distraction. Shen hurriedly signaled to Charlie who, with perfect understanding in his eyes, dived, giving the match it’s second Fient.

    As soon as Parkinson’s broom followed their Captain’s, Shen knew they had succeeded. And they had done it as a team, together.

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    Bloody hell! That kid’s a quick learner, thought Molly as she hastened to find the snitch again.

    “Rathbone to Chang, Chang to Gorgovitch, back to Chang – oooh that was a close call with that Bludger. It’s Chang and Wood now. Chang fakes right and scores again for the pros.”

    Snitch. Snitch. Snitch.

    “Rathbone’s with the Quaffle close to the goal – and he scores again for the Pros. Where was Wood?”

    Snitch. Snitch. Snitch.

    “Tonks with the Quaffle, headed up the pitch! Oh! That Bludger had to hurt! Gorgovitch now, nearing the goals! Block it, Wood! Block it!”
    Whew! That one was the hardest yet! GO! GRYFFINDOR! We're almost there!


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    “Damn!” Tonks swore loudly as Wood’s fingers skimmed the Quaffle and it when into the goal.

    “One hundred thirty to ten,” the commentator said dully. Tonks circled back around the hoops and grabbed the Quaffle from the air. She quickly set up a passing pattern with Malcolm and Flint to try to get past the Pro’s Beaters. In a last-ditch attempt to score, she dropped the Quaffle low for FIint to pick up! He dodged the Bludger, aimed and shot! Only to be blocked by the Wadsworth.

    “You son of a—” Flint cursed and threw a wild punch at Wadsworth.

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    Teammate or not, Flint is a complete troll. Thought Shen as he watched the pros take the penalty they had been offered, effortlessly.

    Things were looking very bad. Their only hope now was the Snitch which was nowhere in sight. Shen vented his feelings by sending a bludger towards Bagman who had hit at Tonks previously, earning a glare from him and a fleeting smile from the latter.

    Gorgovitch was once again facing Wood who was clenching his jaw so tightly, it hurt to just watch. But all in vain as he missed again and the crowd booed their disapproval.
    We're allmost there. GO GRYFFIES. LIONS FOR THE CUP!!!=Sammy

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    Molly laughed sardonically as Rathbone grabbed the Quaffle again and threw it in for another goal. This game had been much too easy.

    The Hogwarts Seeker, Weasley, threw himself into another dive. Another feint, thought Molly as she rolled her eyes. She saw it just then, the snitch, in the far corner of the pitch; right where the Weasley kid was headed.

    Something had to be done, if he caught the snitch now the game would end in a tie. Molly flailed her arms catching Chang’s attention. He had the Quaffle and he knew what to do.
    Go! Go! Gryffindor! We are almost there! Just a few more posts!


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    Tonks followed Charlie on her broomstick from a safe way away, intent on being part of the action. She held her breath while Charlie made the steep and dangerous dive, the Chaser far behind. Butterflies—no DRAGONS, were clawing at her insides! They could still win! Tonks found herself praising the name of Charlie Weasley; the man was a bloody Quidditch god!

    Almost there… Tonks saw Charlie’s arm extend and snatch the Snitch deftly from the air.

    “YES!” Tonks threw her hands up in the air happily and quickly brought them down again after wobbling dangerously.

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    Shen could not believe his luck, no their luck. They had won, well tied actually but who was counting. The whole team was flying directly towards him from all ends of the Pitch, screaming and yelling but he only had eyes for one particular female chaser.

    And as the whole team enveloped each other in a many armed hug, Shen disentangled himself and flew right to Tonks, without as much as uttering a single word, he pulled her to him in midair and kissed her right on the those soft lips amid the team’s friendly cat calls and wolf whistles.
    We are nearly there. I can't believe it. You guys are the bestest teammates EVER! *Huggles toasters*=Sammy

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    “Hogwarts ties the game with an awes-“

    “Ms. Jordan, that is incorrect,” Proffessor McGonagall could be heard saying.


    The crowd became quiet once more and Molly smiled knowingly toward Henry Chang who had thrown the Quaffle through the goal just a second before Weasley had captured the snitch.

    “Your kidding!” exclaimed Rena Jordan, the commentator, as she turned to look towards Oliver Wood. The crest fallen look on Woods face confirmed what she had been told.

    “The Pros win it by one bloody lucky goal made by Henry Chang, one hundred seventy to one hundred sixty,” growled Jordan.
    GO! GO! GRYFFINDOR! Just a couple more posts! Come on now, we are almost there!


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    Fan-bloody-tastic. The sneaky bastards had snuck a goal past them while they were all ogling Shen! No! She meant the Snitch… Tonks was very confused.

    The disappointment in the air was palpable. They had been so close to winning! Tonks made a mental note to check in on Oliver later. He looked ready to hang himself.

    “I can’t believe we lost,” Shen muttered. He had silently reappeared by Tonk’s side.

    “Hey, team,” Charlie said slowly. “We just lost by ten points to bloody professional Quidditch players! That’s pretty darn brilliant if you ask me! Well done, everyone!”

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