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Thread: Toasters Take to the Air!

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    Tonks shivered. The look Shen was giving her could freeze hell over! What was his problem anyways? All she’d said was, “This is going to be so much fun!” The guy was looking at her like she’d murdered his firstborn. Actually, Shen would probably care more about his precious top of the line broomstick, than his kid—she’d burn that if she really wanted to tick him off.

    She turned her attention to Professor Dumbledore as he finished the opening speech. Madame Hooch stepped forward and Tonks felt herself and everyone around her tense. This was it—it was go time.
    One hundred words! Let's go Gryffindor, let's go! Lions for the Cup!!! /lame attempt at school spirit

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    The week had gone by fairly quickly and Molly wondered how well the team that Hogwart’s had put together was going to work out. She had only seen one practice, the practice in which the pros participated, and she hadn’t seen much in the way of team work. Actually, that particular practice had looked more like a bunch of squirrels fighting over the same nut. She doubted that type of anomosity could be turned around in one weeks time.

    Stepping on to the pitch, she looked towards Dumbledore as he finished his speech.

    “Let the game commence!”


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    All fifteen brooms rose in the air to start the game but Shen could not care less about what the chaser’s, the keeper or the Seeker were up to. He did not even much care about his fellow beater whose name he had not bothered to remember. Finally in the air, his thought was only on one thing, swinging his bat to the direction of a certain chaser. Whoever said blood was thicker then revenge was clearly a liar, and a losing liar at that.

    She swerved the broom sharply, nearly knocking a passing flyer off her broom.
    98 words

    Ok, so now we can start the way the game plan is in the first post.=Sammy

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    Tonks was off to another bad start. A sharp gust of wind kicked up as she rose into the air and her rather shaky, though beloved, broom had to take a few seconds to adjust. Of course, Mr. Shen the Perfectionist had no problem with broom and managed to knock into her as she had tried to get going!

    “Jerk!” she yelled after him as she went tail spinning downward. As she got her broom under control for a second time, another blur went shooting by her! She barely saw the Quaffle as it was deftly shot into the goal.
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    “Gorgovitch just had to show off,” Molly grumbled, making another lap around the stadium. The booing that filled the stadium was deafening and she could barely hear the commentator’s play by plays. The game plan had been to take it a easy on the students but that was out the window now.

    Searching for the snitch, she watched on as Henry Chang raced down the pitch again towards a stunned looking Oliver Wood. Just then a bludger headed towards Henry,hit by his own brother, and he dropped the Quaffle into the waiting hands of the pink haired Hogwart’s chaser, Tonks.
    100 Words exactly!!!



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    Shen watched as that clutz of a girl grabbed the Quaffle and flew to the hoops. Even before she aimed, he knew she wouldn’t score. Another boo from the crown confirmed his suspicion. The following groan informed his that the pros had scored again bringing the score of to 20/0 to Visitors.

    Shen could see Weasley searching frantically for the Snitch. Apparently he had realized that they didn’t stand a chance otherwise. He himself could not do much to break the ranks and perfect collaboration of the Chasers.

    Cursing softly, he moved to a position he could aim better from.
    Allie, make the pros score thrice more.-=Sammy


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    Tonks was getting increasingly annoyed, nervous and ticked off. Stupid Shen still wouldn’t leave her alone! She had made an utter idiot of herself by missing the last goal. And to make things even worse, the pros had just scored another three goals! Three! It was a massacre—the pros were up fifty points to Hogwarts’… zero.

    Tonks’ nose wrinkled. This simply would not do. She was a Hufflepuff! Hufflepuffs didn’t give up—they kept working! Tonks sighed and flew off to follow the Quaffle. She had a pretty good idea that winning would mean getting along with Shen Chang.

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    Madam Hooch, the referee, blew her whistle, calling a time out on behalf of the Hogwarts team. Preferring the birds eye view, Molly stayed where she was, easily holding her broom steady by the Hogwarts goal posts. From where she sat she could see the Hogwart’s Seeker in the middle of the group shaking his fist and flailing his arms around. Good, she thought, maybe he’ll get them lined out and we can have a real game.

    When the students returned to the air, the difference in this team and the one that had started the game was visible.
    99 Words exactly! GO! GO! GRYFFINDOR!!!


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    The optimist in Shen really believed for a moment that they had learned their lesson after the “talk” but the optimist in him was always kept locked up.

    Just when things looked good, Flint took it in his head to fly solo, unprotected to the goals after luckily obtaining the Quaffle. Shen quickly shot a Bludger at the direction of Rathbone flying to cut Flint off but at that moment, Bagman shot a (Shen had to grudgingly admit) fantastic backhand at Flint from the opposite side of the Pitch.

    The nosebleed that ensued resulted in another timeout for the teams.

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    Tonks’ heart felt a little bit lighter after Charlie’s speech. Charlie always knew how to get a team back on its feet. It was probably why Gryffindor always won. His spectacular Quidditch skills had nothing to do with it of course…

    Wood was pretty decent as well. Well, more than decent. Tonks watched as Henry Chang flew up to the hoops and Wood made a flawless save. Although she would never admit it, she was truly jealous of the Gryffindor’s team. She flew back towards the goal hoops and caught the Quaffle and seamlessly took off for the other side.
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