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Thread: Toasters Take to the Air!

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    Shen saw this unexpected lucky streak from afar and hoped that it would continue. And for once the gods above were in his favor.

    Tonks made a pretty good catch, he had to admit. And the way she was passing the Quaffle back and forth between herself and Flint was not an easy task. It was even confusing the pros the way she flew through the pitch, zag-zagging, ducking and dodging, her bright pink hair flying behind her like a –

    And before he knew it, she had scored the first score of the match. Maybe she wasn’t so bad after all…
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    Oliver paused as he watched Tonks score across the pitch, cheering with the rest of the Hogwarts students and wiping the sweat from his brow. This was definitely the toughest match he had ever played- the pros had him flying all over the place. He had just barely saved their shots.

    Of course, Oliver knew that it made sense. They were the professionals.

    Very suddenly, Henry Chang was flying down towards the Hogwarts hoops, Quaffle in hand.
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    Tonks felt like kicking herself as she saw Henry Chang score a ridiculously easy goal on Wood while the Hogwarts team was still celebrating its small victory. It was a brilliant goal to be sure—Henry Chang had flown circles around the Hogwarts team effortlessly and had made it past Wood, who was now in the swing of things are really ready to play. Charlie was a brilliant Seeker, but you had to get up pretty early to make it past Wood once he was in his mindset.

    “Tonks!” Shen yelled angrily. “Get your head back in the game!”
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    The score was now 60/10 to Visitors and while the crowd vented their anger in loud groans of disappointment, Shen did so by bashing the bludger forcefully behind him. Yes, that felt good, or at least it did until-


    “The next thing he knew, his brother was plummeting down and that Parkinson woman was rushing to his aid. Oh no, how did that happen? And surely that wasn’t the referee signaling a penalty?

    Even as Gorgovitch approached Wood to take the shot, Shen knew he would make it. And sure enough, when he looked next, the score was 70/10.
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    Episkey. You’ll be alright, Chang. Toughen up.” Molly, turning back to the game at hand, watched as Gorgovitch strengthened the lead. She had to find that snitch!

    Flying around the pitch looking for the smallest glint of gold, Molly was able to keep an eye on the movements of the other players. The Hogwarts team seemed to be giving up completely.

    Disheartened, Molly turned and headed to the other end of the pitch. This game had turned out much too easy. She had thought that Hogwarts pride would have pulled the team together and rallied some sort of team work.
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    The gap was getting wider and wider. Shen didn’t understand, what was he doing wrong? He realized just as he saw his fellow beater, Selwyn trying to decide which way to aim the bludger and guiltily realized that he hadn’t even spoken to him throughout all the practice sessions and the game.

    He also saw Wood, trying his best to defend the goals without any help from the chasers and poor Weasley looking like his very life depended on finding the Snitch. And that was when it dawned. He wasn’t playing for his team; he was playing for personal vengeance.
    Go Gryffies!

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    Getting ready for another double-team from Rathbone and Henry Chang, Oliver tensed on his broom. The Hogwarts team wasn't cooperating, they were distracted, they were sloppy... Oliver vowed that if he was ever Quidditch Captain, he would make sure his team never played like this.

    Just at the moment when Rathbone threw the Quaffle to Henry for a shot, a Bludger flew out of nowhere, smacking him in the face. Oliver followed the path of the ball back and was shocked to see that a slightly confused Shen Chang had been the one to strike his brother.

    'Go, Wood, go!'
    Exactly 100.


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    Tonks watched angrily as Henry Chang was escorted off the pit while the referee gave Shen a penalty. She observed his face slyly as he tried to argue his way out with the referee. His face was so expressive and his dark eyes flashed attractively with each burst of emotion. His cheekbones were slightly high and slanted and his hair was short and dark.

    Shen seemed to sense her staring and looked directly at her. Tonks turned away, blushing. There was no way that Shen Chang was hot… It was impossible, right? But the butterflies in her stomach did not agree.
    Oh la la, Tonks!!!!

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    Shen had caught her looking again. But this time, he didn’t get the customary jolt of annoyance, replaced instead by the urge to stare back…

    Of course, it was purely technical. He was just observing her grimly fly towards Flint, her body language telling the tale of her temporary truce with that troll for the sake of the team. That was all, Shen was just observing a teammates’ strategy.


    But before he could reflect on this newfound observance in himself, he saw a figure taking a dive from the corner of his eye and his heart skipped a beat.
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    Signaling to Rathbone her plan so that he could be prepared she waited until he took possession of the Quaffle before throwing the handle of her broom forward, holding tightly to it, and plummeting toward the ground. Eyes intently focused on a spot near the Hogwarts goals she wondered if the plan had worked. Seconds later, pulling out of the dive a few feet from the ground, she watched as the red-headed Hogwarts Seeker barely missed crashing.

    “A brilliant feint and distraction by Parkinson allows the Pros to score again bringing the score to eighty to ten in their favor.”
    It's getting harder! GO! GO! GRYFFINDOR!


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