Name: The REAL Wealsey Twins
House: Gryffindor
Title: Forgive Me
Warnings: None
Word Count: 408
Authors Note: I did not focus on Xenophilius in the end (contrary to the beginning) mainly because I believe that once a woman has a daughter, that relationship really trumps all other relationships.

I dreamt so long about my daughter. My beautiful, sweet, sure-to-be-golden-haired daughter. A companion in my life. Yes, of course, Xenophilius is my true companion; the ingredients to my caldron. But this new addition to my life was to complete my story. I saw us together, sitting in our cozy home, whipping up some new spell together. I did like to experiment and I was so sure that she, my daughter, would as well.

Xenophilius was so excited to have a child. Each day as my abdomen grew larger, so did his smile. Our anticipation was immense. We had set up her room to perfection; protection spells everywhere, and, for Xenophilius’ sake, all the proper tools she would need to defend against Crumple-Horned Snorkacks or whichever animals he wished to guard her from. He was an eccentric man; a dear, dear man, but eccentric. I loved him so.

And then she entered our lives. Just as blonde and beautiful as ever. I did not know I could love someone so much. I asked Xeno, “What shall we name her?”

He replied immediately, “Luna.” I grinned at the perfection of the name; her eyes did sparkle like the constellations above us.

We had known all along that this child was to be special. From the time she was little she was observant. I had never seen any person in my entire life take to nature as she did. We spent endless hours in the comfort of our loft, reading together. Fantasies were her favorite. Luna took those invented characters and brought them to life. Yes, her tangible friends were few, but she had such an imagination. I always envied that about her: she had such an imagination.

And then Luna grew older and older. Her flaxen hair reached almost to her slim waist when she turned nine.



I never saw her past that age. I only wished to make her happy. We were merely spending time together when it happened. For the first time in my life, a spell experiment of mine had gone wrong. Before I knew it, I heard Luna scream, and then nothing. Blackness. I was alone and I had left my daughter alone. Alone to fend for herself in the Wizarding World. Alone to attend school. Alone.

Luna, I do hope you will forgive me. I lived only for you and I did not mean to hurt you. Please, forgive me. Forgive me.