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Thread: 'Claws Chase the Cup

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    Lord Great Chamberlain
    100 words.

    The Hogwarts team battled bravely to stop their professional opponents, but despite their valiant efforts, a further three goals went past Kingsley for no reply.

    They could all admit they had never been pushed harder in their life, and the conditions became almost unplayable. A sharp, driving rain pierced their robes as they struggled to see through the albicant thick mist that had crept in from the east.

    Barely missing a very well-aimed Bludger, Rachel had possession of the Quaffle, searching for a team mate in support she edged forward; Catriona was between her and the Scoring Area.

    She panicked.
    NB: albicant means becoming white

    And I thought I'd leave it open - you can decide which of them panicked.

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    Sorry for disappearing for a couple days! *ducks oncoming Bludgers*

    Rachel gripped her broom handle, knuckles whitening. I have GOT to get past her. Catriona swayed on her broom, almost as if she was inviting Rachel to come toward her. Gripping the handle tighter, she urged her Silver Arrow forward- straight toward the Portree captain. But right before she would have hit her, Rachel swerved around her, using all her strength to hurl the Quaffle through the right hoop.

    "Score! Sixty-twenty Portree!" McGonagall's voice rang out. Students cheered Rachel on, with the loudest coming from Hufflepuff.

    "Nice job, Rachel, I-" Her congratulator was interrupted by a Bludger to the stomach.
    Perphaps Julie?

    100 words. Rah Rah Ravenclaw!


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    red haired mom
    "Hannah- In the last sentence interrupted has two r's and only one p, and you left out the l in Bludger. You left out an r in Portree too.

    100 words
    The crowds gasped; Julie fell backward from her broom. Falling to the ground, she didn’t move for a few minutes. Play continued as the new hospital matron, Madam Pomfrey, checked her over.

    Gideon and Fabian flew close to each other, rapped their bats against the other’s, and took off in search of revenge for their fallen team-mate.

    Kingsley grimly covered the goals and tried hard to catch the next two attempts, but was unsuccessful.

    “Eighty-twenty Portree,” McGonagall’s amplified voice only served to underscore his failure.

    Julie re-entered the game then and flew close enough to say, “We’re still in this!”
    Pomfrey's been there since before the Marauders, so she's in her first year here.

    Ravenclaw Pride!
    Fly like eagles!

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    Alice swooped close to her friend. “Are you ok?”

    “I can play, but I feel like I’ve been kicked by an Aethonan,” Julie muttered. “Just catch that Snitch soon, Al’,”

    “I’ll do my best.”

    John Feverby fumbled the slick Quaffle, giving Rachel the chance to snatch it and fly upward out of reach. The three Portree Chasers followed. But Rachel had timed her move perfectly. She threw the Quaffle straight down to Timothy, giving her teammate the perfect opportunity to score.

    “And a perfectly executed Porskoff Ploy by Honeybun and Whisp! That makes it eighty-thirty, Portree,” McGonagall told the crowd.
    Guys-- our scoring is really off right now.

    post #35 : 10-0 Portree (Ed added 1P goal)
    post #36 : no goals added
    post #37 : no goals added
    post #38 : no goals added
    post #39 : 10-10 (Wendy added 1H goal)
    post #40 : 30-10 Portree (Steph added 2P goals)
    post #41 : 60-10 Portree (Ed added 3P goals)
    post #42 : 60-20 Portree (Hannah added 1H goal)
    post #43 : 80-20 Portree (Wendy added 2P goals)
    post #44 : 80-30 Portree (Steph adds 1H goal)

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    Lord Great Chamberlain
    100 words

    Her pride dented, Catriona had some making up to do. She had been at fault for two of the Hogwarts team's goals. Her opponents were even better than she had expected them to be when it came down to the battle.

    She knew the score. The Hogwarts team could still win. That could not happen, her team's professional careers would be over.

    She weaved left and right, changing altitudes as she operated a slightly defensive role, waiting for the big break. This was her favourite move.

    Stewart and John roamed forward menacingly, causing confusion. Catriona was ready.

    Any second now…


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    red haired mom
    100 words

    There it was! The opening she expected, she shot forward and catching the Quaffle on a side pass from Stewart, she zoomed into the scoring area and let fly with a- fake out! She’d passed over to John and he- he- scored!

    “Ninety-thirty, Portree,” McGonagall’s voice rang out across the stands.

    Catriona didn’t waste time with any type of victory, she’d learned from the three goals Hogwarts had that she’d do better to concentrate on stopping them from getting another chance on goal.

    The three Pride Chasers buckled down and quickly scored four more goals in rapid succession.

    130-30 Portree
    Thanks Steph! For some reason I can't count when it comes to this game!

    Rah Rah Ravenclaw!
    We're doing great!

    Keep it up team!


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    Rah rah ravenclaw! We are so totally breaking 50 posts. *hugs team*

    Beneath the ongoing war between the Chasers, Alice flew low to the ground. Glancing up, she saw Progues circling above the field.

    It better not be up there. She adjusted the grip on her broom, eyes darting in every direction. The Snitch was no where to be seen.

    Whoosh. A blur of purple went right past her face, and Alice sped to keep up with who she assumed was Progues. Catching up to him, he took sharply jetted toward the sky.

    "What are you playing at?" Alice screamed. She sped after him, not noticing the Snitch glittering right behind her.
    100 words.


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    “Behind you!” Gideon yelled. Alice couldn’t hear what he said, but she got the general idea. She spun her broom, looking left and right.

    “No, behi—”

    Gideon never saw the Bludger coming. Alice watched in horror as he crumpled like a rag doll and tumbled earthward. Madam Pomfrey sloshed out onto the pitch to attend to him, but overhead the game continued. Eventually Gideon was carried off the field on a stretcher. With one player down Hogwarts lost five more goals in rapid succession.

    Alice’s heart leapt when she saw it, flickering high above the game like a star.
    100 words

    No more goals! Alice needs to catch the Snitch now.
    The score is 180-30.

    Let's make it a beautiful catch!

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    red haired mom
    100 Words

    From the corner of her eye she saw Progues turn and start after the Snitch. She was closer, and had fewer players to get around.

    They both pushed their brooms as fast as they could, lying flat to the handles and dodging the other players.

    Alice was two broom lengths ahead when the Snitch shot upward. She pulled up hard and missed colliding with Stewart by mere inches.

    Reaching out her hand, she saw another hand reaching too; they scrabbled for it. Progues’ hand closed over hers, and hers closed over the Snitch.

    “Carmichael’s got the Snitch! It’s a tie!”
    And, he caught her catching the Snitch.

    Let's let them celebrate now!

    Eagles Fly High!
    Go Ravenclaw!

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    Lord Great Chamberlain
    100 words

    Umbrellas were discarded despite the monsoon, the noise becoming deafening as everyone celebrated the result. The crowd was bouncing.

    The drowned Hogwarts team had gathered at the far end of the ground, enmeshed in each other; congratulating themselves, praising their endurance.

    Grinning madly, Kingsley lifted Alice by her waist, sitting her atop his broad shoulders. She had redeemed his many errors.

    Lysander, Catriona and the rest of the Portree team bided their time at a distance, waiting to pay respects to the young Hogwarts players for their performance.

    They both had been pushed hard and the result was well deserved.
    Almost 50 up!!

    Let's keep it going!!

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