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Thread: 'Claws Chase the Cup

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    Minerva McGonnagal's voice rang over the stadium through the megaphone. Having already done introductions before the teams came out, she said her final words.

    "Hogwarts, come through for us please." The crowd laughed as the players took their places. Madam Hooch walked out on to the field to thunderous applause.

    "Captains shake hands." Kingsley and Catriona send fierce, determined glances toward each other. "I will release the Snitch." The tiny gold ball flittered out off sight. "On my whistle...go!"

    The players rose and the Quaffle moved swiftly between the Pride’s players, until Catriona was blindsided by a Bludger from Gideon.
    100 words. Rah Rah Ravenclaw! Let's fly like eagles!


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    Lord Great Chamberlain
    Wooh! We're under way!

    The Quaffle plummeted spectacularly toward the ground, the Hogwarts crowd roaring their approval as Catriona struggled to regain her composure.

    Timothy threw himself into a Lambert Lunge, a favourite move he'd perfected before he'd even attended school, swooping down to snatch the Quaffle as Stewart McKinder, a gangly Portree Chaser, battled to dismount his opponent.

    Well-schooled in the art of Quidditch deviousness, Timothy barrel-rolled him and sent a looping pass to Rachel who had followed close behind.

    She flew forward towards the Portree goalposts, a Bludger whizzing past the end of her broom, her team mates struggling to support her.
    100 words! Go Go Ravenclaw!!


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    red haired mom
    Steph- according to my Word, you need a comma after sky
    occasionally glancing at the sky,
    Hannah- you typed a d instead of a t on the word sent.
    Kingsley and Catriona sent fierce,

    100 words
    Just as Rachel flew within scoring range, she saw another Portree Chaser heading straight for her. It was a tactic she was well accustomed to so she wasted no time in diving out of the way. That gave Julie just enough time to get in position and catch the pass Rachel shot her way.

    Alice, meanwhile, was searching diligently for the Snitch. It was a much faster one than she was used to dealing with. Remembering the advice Progues had given her, she didn’t worry about where he was, just whatever glints she could see that might be the Snitch.
    Keep it up team! We're doing great!


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    Julie caught Rachel’s pass with the tips of her fingers. The Quaffle was slick from the thin drizzle that had begun to fall. The adrenaline pumping through her made the next move seem easy. Julie reversed, ducked a badly-aimed Bludger, and then served the Quaffle underhanded.

    The crowd gasped. Julie’s shot had been intercepted. McKinder was already halfway back up the pitch, the Quaffle tucked under his left arm. Fabian and Gideon tore after him with identical angry yells. Catriona came speeding in from nowhere and blocked the three Hogwarts Chasers. It seemed Kingsley was on his own for now.
    100 words

    We got the team!
    We got the power!
    We are the Ravenclaws,
    You ought to cower!

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    Lord Great Chamberlain
    Kingsley’s heart leapt as McKinder flew at him, reaching for the Quaffle tucked safely under his arm, eyes shifting side to side, trying to fool him. He was playing against a professional team, and he was the last line of defence.

    His team were relying on him.

    He stole a glance at his Chasers; desperate to get back and help him, but that had been enough. McKinder caught the hesitancy and unleashed the Quaffle to his right, the revolutions of a lethal finger-spin guiding it past Kingsley’s despairing left hand and through the goalpost.

    The crowd went wild.

    10-0 Portree.
    100 words!

    Game on!


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    red haired mom
    100 words

    Julie and Timothy finally managed to make it to that end of the pitch, just in time to call out, “Aw, that’s all right Kingsley! You’ll save the next one.”

    He started circling in front of the goals as the Chasers moved further down field.

    Gideon and Fabian were doing their jobs as Beaters and keeping the Bludgers aimed toward the Pride’s players. Fabian’s arm was starting to go numb from hitting his bat against such a hard ball so many times.

    Alice thought she saw the Snitch and weaved in and around the players. It disappeared again very quickly.

    Fly like the wind Ravenclaw!
    Go! Team! Go!

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    Portree took possession of the Quaffle. They assumed the hawkshead attack formation, moving in for the kill.

    Kingsley gulped and yelled to his team. “Need some help here!” Then he blocked out everything else and focused on the oncoming Chasers, determined to intercept their goal if they reached the scoring area.

    Suddenly the perfect formation broke. Gideon and Fabian had managed to hit both Bludgers into the Portree Chasers at the same time. John Feverby was momentarily stunned and dropped the Quaffle. Rachel caught it and reverse passed to Timothy. The Gryffindor barrelled back up the pitch at top speed.
    100 words

    We are doing so well, team!
    Shall we let Hogwarts score this time?

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    Lord Great Chamberlain
    The wind whipped through Timothy's hair as he streaked forward in the driving rain, leaving his opponents behind in the breakaway.

    A broad grin was etched on his face, he was sure they would score.

    Focussed on reaching the Portree Scoring Area, he failed to see Lysander Progues cut across him, intent on catching the Snitch.

    The collision was unavoidable and Timothy's left shoulder ploughed into the right side of Lysander's reddened face.

    The Seeker lurched forward, dismounted and began to fall. Struggling to maintain his own balance Timothy launched the Quaffle at Julie who had joined him in attack.
    100 words!

    It'd be better if Lysander makes it back into the game, I wanted to try and highlight further naivety in the Hogwarts team.


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    red haired mom
    100 words

    Luckily for Lysander, they weren’t flying very high at the time and the rain had muddied the pitch which made for a softer landing. Uninjured, he retrieved his broom and was back looking for the Snitch in only a few moments.

    Julie kept her focus on the left ring and let fly with a spectacular throw. The Keeper, Arkin Mayer, had split his attention between the Quaffle and the downed Seeker and just barely caught the edge of the Quaffle as it flew through the ring.

    The stands erupted with screams, clapping and stomping. The Hogwarts team had just scored!
    Lysander's safe for the moment, and yes! Hogwarts scored!
    Maybe Arkin shouldn't underestimate a bunch of kids.

    Rah Rah Ravenclaw!

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    The rain was coming down faster now. Kingsley saved one goal, but lost the next two.

    “Thirty-ten, Portree in the lead,” McGonagall announced.

    Alice shook the water out of her eyes and dived after something fluttering and yellow. It turned out to be a leaf, but the crowd applauded her anyway.

    “Nice bit of flying,” yelled Lysander, pausing near her. “I thought the game was over for a second.”

    Alice grinned. “Not yet.” Pulling her broom into an inverted loop she skimmed off across the pitch.

    “Hey, no showing off!” one of the Portree Chasers called as she passed him.

    100 words

    There is nothing like the way we fly,
    Ravenclaws all rule the sky!

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