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Thread: 'Claws Chase the Cup

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    “I hope we are the first ones there!” Rachel Honeybun said rapidly. “I mean, they might only have limited signups. It would be nice to play as one team. I’m the best Chaser at Hogwarts, but Julie and Timothy are really good too. I was wondering if we—"

    “Does she ever stop talking?” Fabian whispered to his twin. Gideon snickered softly in reply.

    Alice linked arms with Julie. “I’m glad you're trying out, Julie. Rachel’s nice, but I don’t know her very well,” she murmured. Julie gave her arm a friendly squeeze.

    They reached Professor McGonagall’s office and knocked.
    100 words

    Rah, Rah, Ravenclaw! We rock, guys! Keep those brooms in tip-top order!
    *squishes team*

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    *does MC Hammer* Can't touch this! 100 words!

    After Kingsley had explained their inquiry, McGonagall arose from behind her desk and stepped forward.

    "So you are saying you want to take private lessons as a team?" She raised her eyebrows, surveying the seven students. Seeing them look back at her with expectant eyes, the professor merely nodded. "I believe that could be arranged, but you all aren't guaranteed spots. You do realize that?"

    "Yes, Professor, we do." Kingsley replied in his slow, steady voice. Nodding toward his now teammates, they filed out of the room.

    “We are going to dominate!” Timothy spoke, pumping his fist into the air.

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    red haired mom
    Hannah, the ~ you have at the top of the quote box shows up as a word on my Word Doc. I'm not sure if it'll count as 101 words or not.

    100 words
    The seven of them quickly walked outside and headed to the Quidditch Pitch. Other students had started to gather in the stands, all with their eyes trained on the sky.

    Rachel’d been talking the entire way outside, but when she caught sight of the robes the team were wearing she went silent for about two seconds before she squealed so loud the others had to cover their ears.

    They all looked up and saw a team in vivid purple robes with large gold stars on their chests.

    Alice almost fainted at the thought of playing with the renowned Catriona McCormack.
    Let's see what they can do! Go Team!


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    The athletic captain of the Pride of Portree team, Catriona McCormack, flew to meet them. She was grinning in greeting as she dismounted and shook hands with the awed students.

    Shacklebolt took the initiative and spoke for the rest. “We’ve asked Professor McGonagall, and she says it’d be alright if the seven of us practice as a team,” he said.

    “Fine by me,” she replied. “I like seeing players take initiative. But I’m glad you're not like those Slytherins,” she nodded ruefully at a group in the grandstands. “They refuse to play with other Houses—or with women.” She frowned.
    100 words

    Hope that works. I can change anything if need be.

    Was the dig against Slytherin bad? It is fairly cannon, but I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings...

    Fixed the word count, Wendy!

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    *blows dust off robes*

    Julie scoffed at the standoffish Slytherin team, crossing her arms. "As if Rachel or I can't throw the Quaffle as well as one of them? And apparently Alice isn't the best seeker?" Catriona merely shook her head.

    "Well, show them what your made of then. I need to see all of your flying skills before we can start working." She eyed the team's Silver Arrows and motioned toward the sky. "I'll stand at the other end to see how well you fly together. Take the Quaffle and two bludgers with you. Lysander Progues will throw golf balls for your seeker.”
    100 words. Is this all good?


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    red haired mom
    All right! We're in the air!

    100 words
    The seven of them took to the air as if they were born there. Being from different Houses didn’t hamper the smooth way they flew together.

    Gideon and Fabian wasted no time showing off their Beater skills. Knocking the Bludgers around to each other before buckling down to hit them away from the team.

    Timothy, Julie, and Rachel flew seamlessly together and made for Kingsley and the goalposts. Tossing the Quaffle around, ducking the Bludgers and showing off their flying skills, the three of them made a spectacular sight.

    Alice, meanwhile, warmed up at the other end of the pitch.
    Go! Team! Go!


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    *trys out Wronski Feint*
    The Gryffindor Seeker bent low over her broom handle, revelling in the cold wind whistling in her ears and the faint cheers from the few spectators. Far below Alice saw Lysander Progues take a golf ball out of a bucket. Her entire focus narrowed to that tiny sphere between his gloved fingers.

    Lysander tossed it high and then pointed his wand at it. The golf ball spun mid-air and then whizzed upward, blurring to a mere streak of white against the blue sky.

    Alice’s keen eyes never left the ball. She accelerated upward, left hand stretched toward the imitation Snitch.
    100 words


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    *contemplates* Why do I keep thinking Lysander Progues has an Irish accent?

    Feeling its bumpy surface in her hand, Alice knew she had caught it. Grasping the small white ball tightly, she descended back toward the ground.

    "You are far beyond decent, Miss Carmichael." Lysander grinned as she touched the ground. "I don't think there is much for us to practice. I do have some words of wisdom though. Never worry about the other Seeker. If they are better, then they are better. Don't focus on avoiding them, it wastes time."

    "I promise, Mr. Progues." Alice then quietly skimmed on her broom over to where the rest of her team was practicing.
    100 words.


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    red haired mom
    Steph, the word revelling has two ls not just one. (According to my Word)

    100 words

    Catriona flew in between the Chasers and tried to ruffle them. When the three of them made it past her and to the goal she turned to watch the Keeper defend the hoops.

    Kingsley knew they would do their best to impress the professionals, but he wasn’t the best Keeper in the school for nothing. He feinted right and when Whisp fell for it, he caught the Quaffle in front of the left goalpost. Laughing and with his booming voice said, “Ha! Better luck next time, Whisp.”

    He threw the big red ball to Julie for them to try again.
    Whoo hoo! Go Team Go!


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    Let's keep 'em on the run, guys. We have an amazing lead.
    Timothy caught the Quaffle that Kingsley tossed back to him.

    “He’s done that move a dozen times,” Rachel lectured. “If we had feinted left like he did and then you had tossed to Quaffle to me—”

    “Julie, Rachel, he may be the best Keeper, but he has a weakness. He always watches the Chaser with ball…” Timothy began to whisper the rest of his idea. Julie and Rachel grinned and nodded. They flew back up the pitch and turned at the other end. Then the three Chasers began tossing the ball back and forth almost too quickly to follow.”

    100 words
    Wendy -- Keeper is capitalized and there should be a comma right before 'Whisp'.
    Hannah -- Seeker is capitalized

    Don't wait.
    Don't hesitate,
    For the battle has just begun.
    Intimidate and dominate,
    For the 'Claws are number one!

    *double back flip*
    (old football yell)

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