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Thread: Toasters Take to the Air!

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    Toasters Take to the Air!

    Alright, Toasters, the thread is up! And I shall edit soon with our first drabble!

    Here is our prompt for a refresher!
    A group of friends are sitting in the Main Hall of Hogwarts during breakfast when there is a commotion in the hallway. Going out to investigate, the friends find a notice posted on the door leading to the outside of the castle. It reads:

    Private professional Quidditch practices to be held on the Hogwarts Quidditch pitch for the next seven days. ONE DAY will be set aside for a group of seven lucky students to receive a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn first-hand from the professionals how to improve their game. The prize will be a match against the professional players played in front of the entire student body. If interested please see Professor McGonagall.
    More basic plot information shall be posted later...


    Chaser: Marcus Flint (Slytherin)
    Chaser: Nymphadora Tonks (Hufflepuff)
    Chaser: Malcolm Abbott (Hufflepuff)
    Beater: Shen Chang (Ravenclaw)
    Beater: Pious Selwyn (Slytherin)
    Seeker: Charlie Weasley (Gryffindor)
    Keeper: Oliver Wood (Gryffindor)

    Chaser: Henry Chang
    Chaser: Morris Gorgovitch
    Chaser: Justin Rathbone
    Beater: Ludo Bagman
    Beater: Gwenog Jones
    Seeker: Molly Parkinson
    Keeper: Tristan Wadsworth

    Main Characters:
    Nymphadora Tonks (Chaser, Hufflepuff) = Allie
    Shen Chang (Beater, Ravenclaw) = Sammy
    Molly Parkinson (Seeker, Professional Team) = Stacy
    Oliver Wood (Keeper, Gryffindor) = Stubby


    1. Dumbledore’s speech, whistle, touch off the ground.

    2. Game starts, before Hogwarts can get to position, pro score. Crowd boos. Pros = 10/Hogwarts = 0

    3. Ball in pro possession, pas to chasers, she aims Bludger, drop Quaffle, lands in Tonk’s hands. Try to goal, blocked.

    4. Ball back to pro. Pro score once more. Pros = 20/Hogwarts = 0

    5. Chasers try to get quaffle back, seeker search desperately for snitch, pro scores three times more. Pros = 50/Hogwarts = 0

    6. Team starts to pull up. More concentration needed and need to work together as team.

    7. Flint tries to score, hit by pro’s bludger, nosebleed, and time out. Mini speech by Captain about working together.. Back on brooms.

    8. Pros get quaffle, try to score, blocked by Wood.

    9. Quaffle to Tonks, she passes to Flint, flint flies to hoop, passes back to Tonks, Pro keeper confused, Hogwarts score. Pros = 50/Hogwarts = 10

    10. Quaffle back to pro keeper, shoots instantly while wood is still celebrating, scores. Pros = 60/Hogwarts = 10

    11. Shen mad, send a bludger to brother Henry direction, hit, elbow cracked, time out. Repaired with Episkey, pro given penalty, score. Pros = 70/Hogwarts = 10

    12. Hogwarts team slowly losing the will to play. All except Tonks, Wood and Shen. And She realize problem, shouldn’t play to beat brother, play to make team win.

    13. Tonks realized her clumsiness can’t be blamed for the team. Must work together with Flint, even if he is creepy.

    14. Pro seeker dive, Charlie follows. Everyone stares but pros are just playing. Wronski feint. Pros =80/Hogwarts =10

    15. Wood mad, fly from hoop to referee, pro scored twice more.
    Pros = 100/Hogwarts = 10

    16. Crowd noisy and rude. Pros relaxed, very easy to win now. Big margin. Tonks saw Snitch at the far end. Pro seeker there, need distraction. Signaled Shen, signaled Charlie, Charlie dived, doing Wronski feint. Pro seeker follow, Snitch lost again.

    17. Pros mildly put of but not worried, big deal, the kid learned a new trick. Score three more times. Pros = 130/Hogwarts = 10

    18. Quaffle with the home team chaser, passing and trying to score. Not working. Flint goes up to shoot. Fails, Flint ‘accidentally’ punches pro keepers nose. Ball with pro chaser, score. Pros = 140/Hogwarts = 10.

    19. Further penalty for pros, score. Pros = 150/Hogwarts = 10

    20. Charlie fly to opposite corner, pros think he saw faking again, don’t bother chasing. Turns out it was the snitch.

    21. Pro seeker relies at last moment, knew there was no chance of catching Charlie halfway across the pitch, signals to Chaser.

    22. Everyone held breath Charlie caught snitch, crowd burst in applause. Team hug in midair. Dumbledore announce winner.

    23. Pros with 170 Hogwarts with 160. Pros had used distraction to score one last time.

    Final score, Pros =170/Hogwarts =160

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    Watch out, Mike!

    Oliver stood on his tiptoes, trying to peer over the heads of the taller students that were all huddled around the announcement.

    'Come on, come on!' he muttered under his breath, elbowing past a Ravenclaw girl talking animatedly to some Hufflepuff guy. The path ahead of him was clear. If only he could get there-

    A huge Slytherin stepped right in front of him. Oliver slammed into his back, but he doubt that the mammoth even felt it. Scowling, he took a step around the jerk and then felt a hand on his shoulder. Charlie Weasley spoke.

    'Congrats, Wood.'
    100 on the spot!

    I figured we'd better start writing.

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    Shen Chang had no time to feel happy or privileged as he made his way from the throng gathered at the notice board. He had made the team. He knew he would. Now came the hard bit Ė proving that he was worth it.

    He passed Charlie Weasley and Oliver Wood, probably congratulating each other on their fortune for being among the seven lucky ones to make the team, but he didnít have time for congrats. He had to start training, by himself or with the team, it didnít matter. This match had far more then personal glory riding on it.
    100 exactly

    Just bring it to the match (two posts each should do it) and then Allie will post the blow by blow of the game.=Sammy

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    Standing in the shadows of the pitch, invisible to the students that now surrounded the announcement, Molly Parkinson looked on. She watched as a tall Oriental youth made his way through the crowd, back to the doors of the castle; his features were familiar to her.

    Watching the young boy stalk off, she watched as a more vibrant youth came bouncing out of the middle of the foray, excitement written on the heart-shaped face. Molly had to stifle a laugh as the pink haired teen tripped over her own feet and fell promptly on her face.
    Word Count: 97

    Come on guys! Let's get to posting!

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    Last Comic Standing!

    Eyes wide, Oliver looked at the 'team' of Professionals gathered on the Pitch. Molly Parkinson, Tristan Wadsworth, Henry Chang, Gwenog Jones, Ludo Bagman, Morris Gorgovitch! These people were his heroes! Well, maybe not Gorgovitch. Gorgovitch was the pretty face on every team he had been on- and that was a lot of teams.

    He came over now. 'Hey, little one. Are you ready to play some real Quidditch?'

    Oliver's eyes narrowed. For a moment, he started to think up a response, but was saved when the tall and striking Molly Parkinson walked up behind Gorgovitch.

    Hey, I'm going to visit some family this weekend in Missouri and will have limited access to the computer until Tuesday. Rest assured, if they have internet the first thing I'll do is post on the QWC. Distract little Oliver with something.


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    As her team gathered on the pitch, Molly let out a sigh wishing she could stay hidden. Unfortunately, that wasnít an easy task for a famous seeker. Looking on as her team preened themselves, she saw Gorgovitch talking to one of the young players. Poor kid.

    The young mans eyes drew into a hard gaze giving a distinct expression of dislike. Molly nearly doubled over in laughter; Gorgovitch thought he was Godís gift to Quidditch and obviously this young man disagreed.

    Swift movement caught her attention out of the corner of her eye; someone had already mounted their broom.
    Whoa... that was tough! I started out with 136 but finally got it down to 99!


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    Shen had many reasons to love flying. He loved the sensation of being so high up in the air, the wind whipping his jet black hair, the happy jolt in his stomach.

    However, none of those sensations mattered now. The only reason he was mounting the broom was to win. He would win this match or die trying. He stamped loudly and kicked off.

    A playful wink from his brother Henry only strengthened this resolve. Henry thought his little brother didnít stand a chance. Well, it was time to show that Shen wasnít just his little brother. No, not anymore.
    Exactly 100.

    Guys, Allie has the game prompt, wait for it to be editted into the first post or the game may get muddled up.=Sammy

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    Tonks tripped her way onto the field, with one goal in mind--not to fall. Her nerves were running high from anticipation already and it didn't help that the Professionals team looked so darn intimidating!

    She walked over to the small group of Hogwarts players sitting in the middle of the pitch and plopped down next to Charlie. Tonks had just started stretching when a sharp blast caught her attention. Dumbledore was motioning for all the players to join him in the center of the field. Tonks watched as Shen, graceful as ever, flew down to join them.


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    Alas, in Missouri, but using a computer.

    Oliver looked past Gorgovitch and Parkinson (they were arguing now and he was thankfully out of the conversation) and saw that Shen Chang and Nympha- just Tonks- were talking about five metres away. Edging carefully from the irate pair, he headed towards his schoolmates.

    'Hey, guys,' he said, smiling slightly at the older students. Tonks sighed and looked a little crestfallen but returned the grin. Shen simply gave him a cool look.
    Quick little filler bit... I've got to get off this computer I'm borrowing for fear of looking like the internet slave that I am. Bye, and good luck!


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    Shen was once again annoyed. Tonks kept babbling about how fun it was going to be to play the pros. Fun? This is supposed to be fun?

    And what was worse, the snotty third year, Wood was using this team to socialize. And all this while Dumbledore is going on in the background about how this would be a learning experience.

    As far as Shen was concerned, the only thing they should learn was how to duck, if he and his Beaterís bat had anything to say.

    Confirming the times the week long practice sessions, he stalked off to train by himself.
    Yes, Shen is majorly uptight.=Sammy


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