By yesteryear I mean really old times. Part of my new fic occurs in the time of the founders and in the time of the Peverell brothers. So here are my questions:

~ When exactly does History say the witch burnings happened (and where)?

~ How long did it take to build Hogwarts?

~ How many students might there have been at Hogwarts during the Founders Era?

~ Did the Peverell brothers come before or after the Founders?

~ When did the Tri-Wizard Tournament first take place?

~ What kind of tasks could be held during the tournament? (I need lots of task ideas...)

~ When did the Founders die?

~ Is Merlin- As in "Order of Merlin, First Class" -just a figure of speech in the HP books or did he actually exist at some time?

~ If so, when did he exist?

I know that's a lot of questions but if anyone can answer any of them that would be really helpful

-- Mel