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Thread: Hufflepuffs Hurtle Towards the Goal!

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    Sorry guys for not posting. I...

    /Lazy excuses

    Anyway, I thought I'd add a little humor to it. It's not the funny, but whatever. LOL!

    Rose caught the Quaffle, swerving in and out of players. James admitted in his head that Rose wasn’t such a bad player.

    He couldn’t say the same abut Lily, though.

    “Rose! Rose! Pass the Quaffle! I’m open!” Lily said excitedly as she flew in random directions. With a regretful expression on her face, Rose threw it to Lily.

    Of course, Lily dropped the Quaffle, and managed to make it land on the one and only Ludo Bagman, who had decided to stay on the ground.

    “Sorry Mr. Bagman!” Lily said, flying away.

    Ginny Weasley smacked her hand against her hand.
    100 words.


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    Nice one Michelle, i liked that drabble

    Bagman threw the Quaffle up, annoyed. Godfrey caught it, and with a smirk on his face, zoomed to the opposite end of the pitch. He ignored his teammates and was flying so fast James’ team didn’t have a chance.

    Godfrey was crashing around the pitch, and threw the Quaffle at the goal when –


    The Quaffle bounced off the goalpost and hit Godfrey.

    ‘Er, thank you,’ shouted Ginny. ‘I think we know who’s not on the team,’ she muttered.

    James and the others all flew to the ground, ready to watch the rest of the try-outs, quite pleased with themselves.
    Shall we take Emma's advice and skip past the rest of try-outs/training, go to when the Holyhead Harpies pick them (the last training session maybe?) and then get to the match? I'm just trying to think of the quickest/easiest way to get it done

    /annoying nagging and panicking


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    Everyone from the first match was asked to sit and watch for the remainder of the tryouts. But everyone seemed to be too nervous to sit still.

    Several hours later, though it seemed to be an eternity, everyone was called to the center of the field.

    "We want to thank you all for signing up to come out here today! We hope you all have at least had a great load of fun! Each and every one of you have impressed us in some way,and we hate to think that we have to choose only seven of you."
    word count: 99


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    How many days do we have left? I hope we can get this done Oh and Heather. I got your messgages on AIm a few hours after you sent them At the time you sent them, I was actually down at the netball courts for my game Sorry hun, AIM must have signed in by itself >.<

    Practices lasted for seven days, each one harder than the last, but the team tried their best. On the seventh day, Ludo cleared his throat nosily and glanced down at the sheet of parchment. Lily craned her neck to catch a glimpse of the writing, squinting. Scorpius squeezed Rose hand and she blushed lightly.

    "Our lucky seven players are James Potter, Albus Potter, Fred Weasley, Rose Weasley, Scorpius Malfoy and..." he paused giving the names time to sink in. Fred gave a shout of joy and Lily's face fell.

    "Last but not least; Lily Potter." finished Ginny with a smile.
    Hehe. Yes, well it does seem a little rigged but we can have it that Ginny had no input into the team at all. It was all Ludo and the other Harpies players idea. Let's keep this going guys!


    EDIT: Oh right. *headdesk* I'll fix up my drabble Heather. Then I'm collasping in my nice, warm bed for teh night Hehe, I'm too sleepy to come up with something of my own so I just used your sentence Heather love. Thanks

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    This is our last day guys! Unless we do quick-fire rounds all day, we simply won't finish. We tried But let's see if we can!

    Oh and Nicole, that's OK I was just checking my emails before i went to sleep and you were on so i thought i'd say hi but you were away so i just went to sleep lol.

    Nicole, there are seven days of training, according to the prompt, and on the seventh day the players are chosen. Could you re-write your drabble to say something like "practices lasted for seven days, each one harder than the last, but the team tried their best" or something, and then reveal the team? The next person could then write them getting ready for the match, and then we need to get starte on the match.

    You guys, unless we start on the match about now and write all day, we won't finish. I know i said that already lol, but i think it doesn't matter if our one-shot isn't that good, but as long as we finish I can add a little ending on to round-it off but if Nicole re-writes hers to skim past the seven practices and reveals the players, i can write the pre-match talk and then we can start the match.

    Go Badgers Last stretch - let's make it count


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