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Thread: Hufflepuffs Hurtle Towards the Goal!

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    Hehe, I'm glad you guys liked the monkey bit And with this little bit here, I hope it helps with the whole Fred transforming James.

    Fred grinned enthusiastically at James who smiled slightly; he was beginning to think more about that little stunt.

    “Yeah Fred; that little trick was just brilliant!” James said. He frowned and added, “Great, now people will probably tease me about that!”

    Fred smirked at his cousin and brushed invisible dust of his robes, holding his head high, “Yes well, simply following in the footsteps of my great Uncle Fred and father, quite the pranksters in their time.”

    James turned away from Fred in mild annoyance and embarresment and muttered under his breath, “Stupid show off seventh year git...”
    I'd think a seventh year should be able to transfigure human to animal. And if not, well I'm sure with his family's history... And George might have taught him to use it against Slytherines


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    Nice job clearing that up, Nicole Anywho...

    'Well,' said Lily seriously, 'if the try-outs are tomorrow, i think we need to get some sleep to be at our best.'

    'That's right, children,' said Fred, wagging his finger at everyone mockingly. Lily scowled at him. 'Because Quidditch is hard work! And try-outs will be a gruelling, gut-wrenching experience-'

    'Alright, smarty-pants,' Lily said, 'i'll see you all at breakfast.' And she trudged off to bed, the rest of the them following her.

    May i recommend that the next person right them being all nervous at breakfast? Just to make sure we speed it along a bit


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    Guest has posted in a while so...I'll post again then? *takes Heather's advice* I'll have it the next morning at breakfast.

    The next morning was full of excited shouting and yelling across tables about the try-outs.

    James was talking to Fred enthusiastically, shoving pieces of bacon in his mouth past the words coming out in the opposite direction. He coughed, choking on a small piece, and Fred thumped him on the back. Once everything was set straight, he resumed the conversation.

    Albus and Hugo were looking at their food queasily and pushed it away without a second glance; they were obviously too nervous. Scorpius was holding Rose's hand, stroking it slightly and trying to convince her that she would be fine.
    Anyone else? Guys?



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    The group solemnly looked around at each other until it was time. They, along with several other groups of seven, quietly found their way down to the Quidditch Pitch.

    "Are we early?" Lily asked after they all had waited awhile, seemingly no one else in sight.

    Fred looked up at the school as the last clang on the clock rung through the acres of land and beyond. "Nope, right on time."

    And they were. Not far off in the distance, they could see a group of eight brooms, seven of them in a v, undoubtedly lead by Madame Hooch.
    Word Count: 99. >.>




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    "Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!” Rose said, bouncing up and down with excitement. “Isn’t that Holyhead Harpies?”

    “Don’t be silly Rose. That can’t be…” James said doubtfully, looking closer. Then he smiled. “It is! It is!”

    “I can’t believe they’d be here! Are they team that the lucky people play against?”

    “Probably!” Hugo yelled. He was trying to stand on his toes to see closer.

    As the friends was either bouncing or smiling, another group of players came up to them, snarls on all of the seven players.

    “Well, well, well! Look what the cat brought in!"
    Someone bad shows up! OOOH.

    99 words.


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    Sorry i haven't been writing you guys - i was ill for three days and had some RL stuff in the way Anyway, i like the stuff you've written! Good turn of events, Michelle Anyway, i couldn't think of an evil canon next-gen character! So i had to come up with one. Please let me know if Goyle had kids that we know of

    They all turned around, only to see the smug face of Godfrey Goyle.

    ‘Oh joy,’ muttered Scorpius, who was standing with Rose.

    ‘So, who do we have here then?’ Godfrey asked with that same smug smile stretched over his gormless face. ‘Scorpius! I know you’re a blood traitor but I never would’ve thought you’d join a team with them. Just shows how some people can just take the wrong road.’

    ‘Oh shut up, Goyle,’ Fred spat, ‘what are you doing at Quidditch try-outs anyway? You couldn’t hit a Quaffle if it danced in front of you wearing a house-elves rag.’
    Words: 100

    Hope that's alright


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    Hey guys! Whoo! This Quidditch season has gone fast! Only a week left ay? Oh and while I was flicking through the previous little bits of writing:

    “Well” said Fred confidently, “Us Weasley’s just HAVE to win. Out mum’s a Quidditch player, after all!” Should be Our Mum's... Sorry, just that one little typo that will come back to bite us in the behind

    Let's get this ball rolling again...

    Godfrey made to pull his wand out of his pocket and with a flourish, James's was already in his hand. The two glared furiously at each other, their wand hands twitching; challenging the other silently to make a move.

    "May I ask, what you two are doing?"

    James blinked into the sun and dropped his wand instantly with a scowl, "Sorry, Mum."

    Ginny Potter had landed on the edge of the gathered students, her broom still in her hand and her hair slightly windswept. The other players on the team were still hovering in the air behind them.
    Hehe, good old Mother dearest. *thinks back* We did agree to have her on the team right? Lol.

    If not, I'll change it Let's keep this going guys, we're doing awesome!


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    Hey guys

    Michelle, I noticed something in one of your drabbles:

    “Well” said Fred confidently, “Us Weasley’s just HAVE to win. Out mum’s a Quidditch player, after all!” (Fred isn't Ginny's child.)

    “We have to win too!” said Albus. “Our dad played Quidditch when he was in school, and us Potter’s need to live up to him! Both boys glared at each other. (Albus IS Ginny's child!)
    My Drabble:

    "Yes, that's it, gotta have mummy come save you, do we?" Godfrey laughed as Ginny walked off to talk to Madame Hooch.

    "At least I have a mum, and she's doing better than you mum ever did!"

    Godfrey's hand twitched as he pulled his wand up and pointed it at James, "Say that again,"

    "Why should I?"


    "YOUR MUM'S A FILTHY-" James didn't have time to finish. Godfrey sent a bright red bolt of light straight at Jame's chest, knocking him backwards into his sister.
    Word Count: 88


    EDIT: Might I suggest that we all find a time when we'll all be online and do some sort of fire-round of drabbling? VERY soon?

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    Emma, i agree. We'll all make an effort to get a lot of drabbles in real quick But can i just go with Emma's suggestion and say (since it'll be hard to find a time when we're all online cuz of the time difference) that if we're online, just stop by this thread and see if you can post.

    Oh, and Emma, Ludo Bagman was going to referee the match. ALTHOUGH i now see that Madam Hooch would be a simpler referee. So can we all agree to have Madam Hooch referee and Ludo Bagman commentate?

    Let me know

    James and Lily clattered to the floor, but it wasn’t long before James turned back to Godfrey, ready to attack.


    ‘Welcome to the Hogwarts Pro vs. Amateur try-outs!’

    The loud voice boomed across the Quidditch pitch, distracting James and Godfrey.

    A small, round man was standing at the edge of the pitch.

    ‘I am Ludo Bagman, your commentator for the match! I would like to welcome our professional team – The Holyhead Harpies!’

    Everyone in the pitch applauded and cheered.

    ‘The Harpies have their own regime for try-outs worked out. So, without further ado, let the try-outs begin!’
    Words: 98

    Sorry if it seems a bit rushed. I'm trying to move it along May i suggest that we make the Holyhead Harpies take charge, and then they split them into groups accorinding to what position they want to play? (eg. Seekers in one grou, Beaters in another...) Just a suggestion If you can think of something that would be more fitting, feel free to write it

    And Emma, i thought i'd mini-beta your piece:

    "Yes, that's it, gotta have mummy come save you, do we?" Godfrey laughed as Ginny walked off to talk to Madame Hooch.

    "At least I have a mum, and she's doing better than your mum ever did!"

    Godfrey's hand twitched as he pulled his wand up and pointed it at James, "Say that again. "

    "Why should I?"


    "YOUR MUM'S A FILTHY-" James didn't have time to finish. Godfrey sent a bright red bolt of light straight at James' chest, knocking him backwards into his sister.


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    We'll this isn't like a normal try-out so we don't need a Seekers and Beaters etc group. They already have their own teams and positions. So maybe we could have two teams verse each other and who ever is left standing in the wining team. And to save time, we can skim over the other teams matches and get our one team

    Each of the other teams huddled together, discussing and arguing their positions. James had declared himself as the Seeker and Albus rolled his eyes. They each chose their separate positions.

    Ludo grinned widely at them and said in a loud voice, “Chosen your positions have you all? Good! I need two teams then.”

    He pointed wildly at Godfrey and his group of Slytherins and pointed again. His finger landed on Rose who turned a slight greenish colour.

    “On your brooms, teams, and up in the air.”

    They swung their legs over their brooms and took off.
    96 words

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