Hehe, I'm glad you guys liked the monkey bit And with this little bit here, I hope it helps with the whole Fred transforming James.

Fred grinned enthusiastically at James who smiled slightly; he was beginning to think more about that little stunt.

“Yeah Fred; that little trick was just brilliant!” James said. He frowned and added, “Great, now people will probably tease me about that!”

Fred smirked at his cousin and brushed invisible dust of his robes, holding his head high, “Yes well, simply following in the footsteps of my great Uncle Fred and father, quite the pranksters in their time.”

James turned away from Fred in mild annoyance and embarresment and muttered under his breath, “Stupid show off seventh year git...”
I'd think a seventh year should be able to transfigure human to animal. And if not, well I'm sure with his family's history... And George might have taught him to use it against Slytherines