Hello, all!

This is the thread where the Hufflepuff Quidditch team can post their drabbles! We've done a lot of planning, so now's the time to get going!

So, team-mates, you know who you are, and I have one question:

Are you ready for some Quidditch?

OK, so you all received details and planning through the PMs we did, but i'll just quickly refresh you of our prompt:

The prompt:

A group of friends are sitting in the Main Hall of Hogwarts during breakfast when there is a commotion in the hallway. Going out to investigate, the friends find a notice posted on the door leading to the outside of the castle. It reads:

Private professional Quidditch practices to be held on the Hogwarts Quidditch pitch for the next seven days. ONE DAY will be set aside for a group of seven lucky students to receive a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn first-hand from the professionals how to improve their game. The prize will be a match against the professional players played in front of the entire student body. If interested please see Professor McGonagall.
We've done a lot of planning, you know what to do

Just remember:

-Help each other out – beta each other’s drabbles and give each other tips!
-Keep the drabbles 100 words or less
-Enjoy yourself and have fun!

If you have any problems, questions or concerns, feel free to PM me

Remember, it’s not about winning, but taking part and knowing we all worked together to make a smashing story!


Go Badgers

So, if anyone on the team wants to start us off, it's entirely up to you what happens first