There was a thread for Walburga Black, but not one for Orion, and I can't help but be curious about Sirius' father (and also...well, I need it for a story.)

Is there something wrong with Orion Black? We didn't hear about Arianna Dumbledore for ages and ages; she was an invisible character, a dirty secret because she was mentally instable (or something like it). There's next to nothing in the books about did I miss something in an interview?

If there wasn't a problem with him, what kind of father would he have been? Would he have loved his children, or been indifferent to them? Would he have pretty much left how they were brought up to his wife?

Was he political? He didn't join the Death Eaters, although it is said that Sirius' parents supported Regulus' decision to join. Was he very much in love with Walburga? Their marriage seems to have "arranged" written all over it. Was he a little paranoid, given all the protections he supposedly put on 12 Grimmauld?

Help! I've got nothing.