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Thread: Hermione's child hood

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    Hermione's child hood

    Right my mind has gone blank so I need this help please:

    Where was she brought up?

    Where did she go to primary school?

    Also does anyone know her address?

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    I don't believe any of these specific details were given in the books. The Lexicon does not have any of them either.

    We do know that Hermione must have visited Tottenham Court Road in London at some point; otherwise she would not have been able to Apparate the Trio there (DH, when the wedding gets interrupted).

    Other than that, I believe you have free rein, since her address and primary school are left unknown.

    ~Lauren of the Traveling Thespian Troupe

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    Lauren is right, in that none of this information is known and it was never revealed. Actually, pretty much everything about Hermione's life outside the Wizarding World -- save for the fact that Hermione is an only child and her parents are dentists -- is unknown.

    So, you really do have free rein on all of those, as there's nothing in canon to tell you anything.


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    I would say Hermione had a fairly typical childhood. She holds no obvious resentment of her parents, so she was probably fairly happy.

    Like other children, she probably attended a school of some sort before Hogwarts and had Muggle friends.

    There are no real references details, though. Just that her family traveled a lot and of course, were all Muggles.

    You have free reign!


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    go go ravenclaw


    Well, I should think Hermione had a fairly normal childhood, just like Harry(if you can call pure torture normal), before she found out she's a witch.

    It is mentioned that Hermione's parents are dentists/orthodontists, so maybe she had some rules of candy intake

    She is a bookworm, so probably her room was full of books. She probably used to stay home and read when other kids were out playing. She also seems to have a keen interest in research and facts, because, despite being Muggleborn, she already knew more about Harry than he did himself. So, when she got her Hogwarts letter and purchased the books, she must have bought some extra stuff as well.

    Other than that, I guess you have...*drumroll* FREE REIGN!!

    -hope this helped.

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    Since both her parents were dentists, and I vaguely remember them going skiing, I would assume that they are fairly affluent. They would also appear to put alot of stress on the importance of education, since Hermione is so driven ( but nature/nuture could be debated there!)

    Her parents must be open minded as well since what little we see of them suggests that they accept their daughter's new world. Fun topic, though!

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    Jo did once say that she was considoring Hermione's parents going through a divorce during the books. She decided that it wouldn't work, but it's an interesting note to take.

    She also said that they named her Hermione to show how clever they were, so they are obviously intellectuals, and maybe they were a little pushy too.

    However, Hermione bears no signs of having a traumatised childhood, so don't go overboard.


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    The only place she mentioned during the books was that she camped in the Forest of Dean. Is that even a real place? Other than that we obviously know she lived somewhere in England.
    She most likely went to school like any Muggle because she didn't know she was a witch. Her mother and father were probably smart, and curious like she was because in the second book her parents were looking around Diagon Alley in an interested manner.
    I think some of the "must get good grades" mentality comes from her nature rather than her upbringing because she almost goes overboard with it. She seemed to love her parents so I wouldn't say that it was them that influenced such a overbearing attitude when it comes to schoolwork and grades.

    Good luck and have fun!

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    Yes, the Forest of Dean is a very real place. As is Holyhead, Dawlish, Dudley, Snape and many other places/names mentioned in the books...

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    Pinkcess of the Abyss
    I think some of the "must get good grades" mentality comes from her nature rather than her upbringing because she almost goes overboard with it. She seemed to love her parents so I wouldn't say that it was them that influenced such a overbearing attitude when it comes to schoolwork and grades.
    I disagree with that a little. I'd imagine her parents, not to be pushy, but very encouraging. She is an only child, so she'd have the full focus of her parents, who likey told her she could be anything... They probibly pushed her with education and knowlege. I guessing that her parents also talked to her like an adult and held interlectual conversations with her. The way she addresses her peers hints that she talks down to them a little, as though she thinks herself higher than them... so maybe she is a little spoilt, or over endulged in how she gets away with being bossy/snobbish with her interlect.

    I have always assumed that Hermione's parents were quite well off. I don't mean rich, but like she was very well brought up. That might be a film influence because Emma Watson used such a posh voice for her. (I'm English, and I thought it was a posh London/Oxford sort of accent) But, that is a film thing.

    I do have a thought on her education though... there is a chance that she might have attended a private school, or even a boarding school before Hogwarts. She did not seem overly concerned about leaving her parents in the books... but then again we don't hear much of her mental state until Halloween, and she wasn't all too happy. It was just a thought since I don't think J K Rowling mentioned what type of primary school she went to.

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