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Thread: Mauraders Pranks

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    Mauraders Pranks

    I am having some serious writer's block. I need some help coming up with some pranks the Marauders would have done while at school. I 'adopted' a plot bunny and have a wonderful plan for it, but I am having problems coming up with pranks they would have done. Everything I think of seems to be something Fred and George did.
    I need some funny things as I am trying to keep this a fun light-hearted fic.

    Thanks for all your help.
    Terri Black (as in Mrs Sirius {aka Padfoot} Black)
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    Well, here are some ideas....

    -They could put a love potion in Severus's pumpkin juice in order for him to profess his undying "love" for Minerva.
    -They could glue house elves to the ceiling of the Hufflepuff common room, just for laughs.
    -They could train Fawkes to fetch Dumbledore's hat of his head in the middle of the Christmas feast.

    Hope I helped!

    -The Unwritten Sisterhood.

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    pranks ahoy!

    Hey there!

    Alrighty... some ideas:

    1. They sneak out and levitate Hagrid's cabin into the Great Hall in the middle of the night. Shouldn't be impossible for four boys who managed to become Anmagi. (This one is based off a prank a Kris Kringle prank a friend of mine pulled. He drove his friend's car into the cafeteria in the middle of the night, jacked it up, and stole the wheels. It was a rockin' good prank. Had a happy ending too.)

    2. They charm the Quidditch robes so that they switch team colors mid-match. Comic chaos would ensue, I imagine.

    3. They do something to Slughorn's crystalized pineapple... make it turn him a delicate tint of violet or something like that. They should frame Snape for it.

    4. They invite all the Hogwarts girls to a lake-raft party. Intentionally (or unintentionally) one of the rafts sinks and utter confusion results. Perhaps Lily is on the sinking raft and James makes a dramatic show at rescuing her.

    Those are all my ideas for now. I'll edit and post more if I think of any!
    Good Luck and Best Wishes from,
    The Unwritten Sisterhood

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    I could volenteer the idea that ended up being my class' senior prank.

    1) What we did is we got three goat (gotta love rural America), we spraypainted them with the numbers 1, 2, and 4, and we let them run loose around the school. The teacher caught them all, but ended up spending the rest of the day looking for the goat that had #3 painted on its side.

    There has to be a good way to adapt this prank for the Harry Potter genre. Instead of goat, it could be some creature they stole from the Care of Magical creature's class. And maybe instead of spraypaint, there could be some spell where the number simply floats above the animals, shining bright as neon.

    If that doesn't work, her is yet another prank inspired by small town life.

    2) Cows can climb up stairs, but they can't climb down them. What the Marauders could do is steal a cow from a farm, or transfigure a couch into one (aparrently James was good at Tranfiguration). Then, they could lead it up to the astronomy tower and just leave it there. And because cows can't climb down stairs, the teachers would have to use magic to float it back down to the ground and it would cause a giant spectical.

    I grew up in SUCH a hick town!

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    I'm a big fan of Marauder fics, there's just so much about that era that's completely open to whatever we want to do. ^_^ Anything to help a fellow mischief maker!

    1} Charm the Quaffle to bite anyone not wearing a scarlet robe. This could also be a device to win a Quidditch match, but it would be funnier if they did it right before a match between, oh, Slytherin and Hufflepuff maybe. Plus, that would be one hell of a Chaser bout to watch! ^_^

    2} Sneak into another common room, probably the Slytherin common room knowing those four, and charm the armchairs to do something like stamp "Slitherin," pointed misspelling, in acid green letters across the back of their robes. Or leave things over the entrances to the different dormitories to pour potions on whoever comes out. Harmless things, like hairdye, leaving the entire Slytherin House with green hair to show their support of their own house.

    3} Transfigure some of the doorknobs around the school to have mouths and act like dogs, so they lick people's hands when they try to open the door.

    4} In October or some other still warm but getting colder month, transfigure the grass outside to be white so that it looks like it snowed.

    Also, you can exercise your creative abilities and combine some of the suggestions we've given you. ^_^ Putting some of these together could make some monstrous pranks! Good luck!

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    Here are some pranks:
    -They could charm Snape's cauldron in potions so that every time he added ingredients it would sneeze and spit them back at him.
    -You could have them charm [insert name here]'s quill to write messages like "Sirius Black is Hot" or something to that effect in their notes or on their tests.
    -They could transfigure the suits of armor to bow to the Gryffindors and trip the Slytherins
    -They could clone or tranfigure something to look like Mrs. Norris. Then put the two cats in front of Filch (if Filch is around at this time)
    -Charm the ceiling in the Great Hall to actually rain on everyone. (To make it more confusing and potentially funnier, charm the door so that when people leave the hall they will be completly dry.)

    That's all I can think of right now. Good luck with your fic!

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    I have two quick suggestions, both inspired by a prank pulled at my high school long ago...

    1. Put some sort of charm or substance on the staircase railing so that when people touch it, their hand sticks to the railing. Not an Permanent sticking charm but maybe some type of magical glue?

    2. Along the same lines, place a charm on the railing so that whoever touches it starts doing wierd things, like speaking in a nonsense language, speaking in poems, starts passionately expressing how Sirius Black and James Potter are just the most amazing people ever.

    Both of those are a little random, but thats all I can think of for now...

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    OliveOil, I wouldn't feel too bad. I live in the #1 fastest growing city in America and we still pulled your goat prank, only with pigs. And almost every year someone brings in a chicken.

    Anyway, some suggestions.

    1. Sneak into the kitchen and put something into the student's food. Perhaps it changes them colors, or makes them grow beards, or something like that.

    2. Switch out the ink in a students inkwell, so that it slowly disappears as they are writing. (Depending on how terrible you want the prank to be, the ink may or may not return again.)

    3. Release a large bunch of mice into the school around breakfast when the mail comes. The owls may end up swooping at students in an effort to get to the little mice.

    ~The Traveling Thespian Troupe

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    A couple more suggestions:

    1. Maybe, the first day (when everyone's arriving), charm some of the walls to look like doors (and vice versa). It confuses both the new students and some of the old ones!

    2. Charm the pots in Herbology to repeatedly change colors over the course of the day.

    ~The Traveling Thespian Troupe

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