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Thread: Death Eater Dress Code

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    Death Eater Dress Code

    I don't have my books with me but I seem to recall in OotP that the Death Eaters wore masks but I also remember hoods in DH.

    My specific question is whether there is any record of a Death Eater without a Dark Mark (e.g. Fenrir Greyback or Stan Shunpike) wearing a mask, hood or both. (I'm pretty sure Stan had a hood, but once again, I'm currently bookless.)

    Also, if I'm right and masks were mentioned, is a description of them given?


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    Well, just off the top of my head, I believe the whole Death Eater garb - masks, hoods, robes, etc. - doesn't matter whether or not the Death Eater or Dark Lord supporter has a Mark or not. Fenrir was always fully dressed as a Death Eater, but as was revealed in DH, never was branded with the Dark Mark.

    At the very least, I specifically remember in HBP, while on the Astronomy Tower, Fenrir looks like every other Death Eater in his robes/mask/hood/etc., but yeah, we now know - thanks to DH - that he never actually had the Mark himself.

    I don't think a description of the masks were ever given, though white or silver or some such colour seem to be the more common choices, and as for the robes/hoods, just simple all-black seems to be the case, as far as I remember.

    Hope that helps.


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    I don't have my books with me either, but from all the description that I remember every time Death Eaters appear on the scene in their "dress code," the idea was for them to be as unrecognizable as possible. Nondescript black robes with lots of volume to conceal as much of their body type as it could, and masks that all looked the same, so that most Death Eaters pretty much looked alike when they got en masse.

    At the Quidditch World Cup, no one was able to identify the old Death Eaters who got together to torment the Muggles because they put on those robes and masks. They were a black lump of humanity with dispassionate masks shining out of the dark. It creates a sense of freedom as well which comes from being one of many. Just one out of a lot more people, and no one will know who I am anyway, so I can do whatever I want. It can bring out some really nasty streaks in people if the atmosphere of the crowd is dangerous like the Death Eaters always are.

    Another advantage to this is the dementors. While no witch or wizard could ever mistake the feeling of a dementor, we have to remember that when the Death Eaters first formed, the dementors were on Voldemort's side. Dementors represent fear in a very clear and valid sense, demonstrated for us over and over again. Even if you can't feel the effects of a dementor, seeing one scares you because you know what it can do. From far off, or from behind, Death Eaters would probably look very much like dementors {not in every case, but sometimes, and it didn't have to be much}, and that would create the seed of fear. {Not to say that the hint of someone standing in long black robes would send people screaming down the streets, but any little extra bit of fear works toward the goal when you're dealing in terrorism.}

    The main necessity for Death Eater clothing is uniformity. They must all look as similar as possible with minimal effort and especially no spells. Spelled cloaks would easily make all the Death Eaters look exactly the same and could most likely create a stronger dementor impression, but spells can be traced, and that is the last thing they want. They need to be able to appear, cause panic, then disappear while everyone's too disorganized to chase after them. Spells would make that much more work than they're worth.

    As to the masks themselves, my suggestion would be either a light color--white or silver, as was suggested--or a dark gray to blend into the hood, making them look faceless, like they were described in the Quidditch World Cup. I don't know if they were described that way because their faces could not be seen {that would be the dark gray} or because their faces looked blank {that would be white or silver}, but I do remember that description. Personally, I would pick dark gray. It gives an impression of shadows rather than a face, and gives a stronger dementor feeling to the whole look. It probably boosts the egos of the Death Eaters, too, by making them feel like bringers of fear as strong as dementors. You could technically also use black to a similar effect, but solid black would look more like a hole than shadows. It could work, but I like the shadows idea better.

    Hope that helped!

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    Agreed. Bear in mind, not only were the Death Eaters not recognisable to the bystanders, even the other Death Eaters did not know who all his or her brothers/sisters in arms were. (Remember Karkaroff's trial?)

    However, Stan Shunpike was not a Death Eater. He was an innocent scapegoat.

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    go go ravenclaw


    Completely agree to Rushia's post. The Death Eaters-regardless of whether they wear the Dark Mark or not-all had to wear the same attire to maintain uniformity of appearance.

    As for the mask, it should probably be something that covers the whole face, unlike the gross representation in GoF movie, so that, well, duh, no one recognises them.

    Sorry I can't help any more...

    BTW, your fic, More than just a game, is WONDERFUL. I've favorited it

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    I guess it might help if I explained where I was going with the question a bit better. My thought had run along the lines of Voldemort giving a mask and Dark Mark to each of his elite inner circle and that those were technically his Death Eaters. He had tons of other supporters: Imperiused victims, blackmailed victims, Inferi, giants, Dementors, etc, but I doubt they all had the same Death Eater garb. I could envision the Imperiused and blackmailed wearing the same black cloaks and hoods, but was wondering about the mask. Would they get one at all or would theirs be different?

    If Voldemort had everyone wear the cloaks, hoods and masks, it ought to be pretty easy to infiltrate the group. But if he gave a specially Charmed mask to only his most loyal servants, he could still tell them apart but they would be faceless to everyone else. Especially if he Charmed the mask so that no one except its intended wearer could put it on without say, melting their face.

    Doing something like this would also add to the terror of being attacked by a Death Eater wearing an elite mask. It would mean that someone of higher rank had been sent after you.

    Any thoughts?

    p.s. Thanks go go ravenclaw, I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

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    I don't agree. We get told by Snape that Voldemort is a very experienced practicer of Legilimency, and in order to see through those masks, your eyes do have to be exposed. Voldemort would only need to look in the eyes of any near him and he would know that they were not impostors. Or, if he could not tell that they were not impostors with Legilimens then that would immediately tell him that they either didn't belong there or they were hiding something from him. As well, it is likely that the inner circle of Death Eaters all knew each other--I highly doubt if Karkaroff was in the inner circle who dealt directly with Voldemort. If I remember right, he was more small-time. The fact that the Death Eaters know who any of the others are at all tells that they don't always wear the cloaks and masks.

    It is my belief that the inner circle of Death Eaters are the "commanders," if you will. Each one has their own group of lower Death Eaters that they are in charge of and command, and when Voldemort assigns one of his inner Death Eaters to a task, that Death Eater's group is the one who does it, not necessarily the one told to do it. If that makes sense? I believe it would have a sort of simplified military structure. Those within the command of an elite Death Eater would know each other, but would not necessarily know the other commanders or the members of the other groups. That was how secrecy was kept, and how infiltrators were controlled even with the identity-smoothing cloaks and masks.

    While you have an interesting point with the "elite masks," I think it would ruin the point. If you could distinguish who was in Voldemort's inner circle by their mask, they would be targeted, and they would probably rather not have the Ministry and the Order of the Phoenix be able to tell how important they are by their mask. Even if he gave them a special Charmed mask, again magic can be traced, and he wouldn't need a mask to distinguish them because of his skill with Legilimency. If any of his followers are stupid enough to bar him completely from their minds with Occlumency, he would not look kindly on it because that would mean they were keeping something from him.

    Good luck!

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