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    Squeaky Clean

    Hi all!

    Do any of you find it weird that it's never mentioned that anyone ever takes a bath or shower, exept once in GoF, for the egg clue? Where do you all think the students would take baths or showers? And, do you think it would be acceptable for the Head Boy and Head Girl to each have their own little room off the prefects bathroom with a bathtub, shower and toilet in it? And they could keep all their shampoos and conditioners and bath sponges in their little bathroom?

    Please answer, I have a plot bunny hopping around my brain and this is VERY important to it.

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    Snape's Talon

    The Head Boy and Girl rooms, particularly if they connect at all, is a rather cliched concept. You may want to rethink that.

    I think each House has male and female bathrooms with showers/bathtubs. Bathrooms on the general floors (like where Moaning Myrle hangs out) simply have toilets and sinks.

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    The thing is, it's really important that the Head Boy at least be able to get into the Head Girl's bathroom, for a prank a certain Head Boy is playing.

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    For a story I'm writing each house has one lav for boys and one for girls. For boys the showers are against one wall and separated like stalls, but with no door, so the students walk in and out of each little personal shower quickly so that more students can get in the water. The prefects in Slytherin, in my story, sometimes make certain students take cold showers for a certain amount of time as punishment for minor crimes like "mouthing off" or "making themselves an annoyance".

    The sinks are in a round thing in the middle, like the toilet Harry, Ron, and Hermione visited in book two, in the film. And the toilets are split between stalls and urinals, the stalls with doors, the urinals without. It is overall meant to be sparse and efficient, whereas the Prefects toilet, shared by Prefects of all houses, is made for luxury.

    The Head Boy and girl, I believe, would use the same lav as the other Prefects.

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    Well, first off, I have to say that I definitely agree with Sandy on the Head rooms. It's been used just one too many times, and there's really nothing at all in canon that implies it even *possibly* exists.

    Secondly, I'd have to say that, the way I've always seen Hogwarts, is that there's the very luxurious Prefect one that we see in GoF - and it's used by Prefects, Heads, and Quidditch captains. (Hermione did say in HBP that Harry's captain-status gave him the same as Prefect-status, after all.)

    Then, you would have the normal ones a lot luck public facilities in the real world - just sinks and toilets, really, that are scattered throughout the castle. It's these kind that we see in CoS as Moaning Myrtle's.

    Lastly, I'd give each House at least one (if not two) sets for the boys and girls each. Like, oh maybe for years 1-3 girls share this lav, years 4-7 girls share this one, and it's the same for the boys. In terms of location, they'd be in the House itself (like Gryffindor Tower, or the Slytherin Dungeons, etc.)

    You could have the rooms be separate from the actual dormitories - as in, you enter into the common room, there's stairs to the boys' dormitories, there's stairs to the girls', there's the girls' lavs, and then there's the boys' lavs. Basically, like they all come off the common room.

    Or, they could be up the actual stairs for the groups (the boys' are up the boys' stairs, the girls' up the girls' stairs).

    Either way would work, and you could make your Head Boy capable of accessing them in either scenario. (Especially if your Head Boy is who I think it is .)

    Hope that helped!


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    I think Meghan_Lupin's post outlines the most reasonable answer. The head boy and girl continue to live in their own house, I feel sure.

    If you are having trouble getting the head boy up the stair-slide to the girl's rooms why not make him fly up by broom. We know from Fred and George's little stunt that it is possible to fly indoors (i.e. there is no anti-flying charms inside, etc.) It is just possible that no adults thought about that possibility. They are human, after all.

    I would suggest that each girl's dorm has a bath. In other words, the 7th year girl's dorm room has one bath, and it is connected to that room. If it is important that the head girl's shower stuff be all in one place, why not give each girl a personal closet in the bath with racks for their towels, a shelf for their shower-basket, drawers for their makeup, etc. Maybe each closet has a mirror and their name on the door... you get what I'm describing?

    This would make the girl's dorms a little less barracks-like. SiriuslyMental's description is perfect for a guy's bathroom, but I imagine the girl's would be a bit more personal.

    Head-girl and boy's private baths are really cliche. But this is your story, not ours. Have fun writing, and good luck!

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