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    What would he name his daughter? I don't think he would name her Lily, that's too clichéd (sp?) I was thinking more along the lines of Jamie, a female version of James, but I don't know if he'd do that.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam
    What would he name his daughter? I don't think he would name her Lily, that's too clichéd (sp?) I was thinking more along the lines of Jamie, a female version of James, but I don't know if he'd do that.

    For all we know, Harry might not even want to name his kid after his parents, right? Even though it certainly is possible, it's not something we can be sure of. So you could end up having Harry name his kid... any other name that isn't derived from Lily or James. He might name her Lucy or Katherine something. I can't see Harry naming his child with a really uncommon, exotic name, that's just my opinion.

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    I agree. Harry would not choose an uncommon name. He and Ginny (I would assume that's who you'd write as his wife) have common names and a family with common names. You could have him unconsciously carry on that little Evans family thing with flowers (Lily, Petunia, etc..). I'm kind of liking the name Heather Potter. It's the one that would fit the two.

    But then again, it would also depend on who would be choosing the name. If you're writing with Ginny as the wife, then I'd expect her to choose it, if Hermione, they would agree on something, Katie Bell (hey, I've read it before!) would let Harry choose the name, and so on..

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    ohh! I'm listening to this name thing carefully!! I was about to ask something close to that, except that I need names for twins, a boy and a girl. Ginny is their mother but I'm 'being all evil' according to my sis, and Ginny died when the twins were born.

    so the first thing I need to know is how Harry would name the two when he is left to himself to name them?

    The second thing is how would he be left alone with two newborns? would he be the idiot who tried to pick both of them up and clanked their heads together? or would he be a great Mr.Mom?

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    miss padfoot
    I'm totally horrible at suggesting names, so I'll just answer the second part of your question.

    He probably would get a bit of help from the Weasleys and Hermione as well (assuming you haven't killed them off as well ). I can see Hermione and Molly totally acting mother to his children, so if they're alive, bringing up his two kids shouldn't be a big problem. He might have initial difficulties like every other parent because everyone's new to it but then he might just get used to it and be able to handle both his kids in a matter of months.

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    Ooh - names.
    Personally, I'd love it if, like with Hedwig, Harry flipped open a history book and named his ickle babies Merlin and Aggripina or something... ^^

    But, aye. I'm inclined to agree with the idea that he wouldn't go for something too exotic. Personally, it seems that in the dramatic reasoning and irony of the Potterverse, it would seem likely that some opportunity would appear, that would give Harry a name, or a hint of a name... If we were to see him have children (yes, with a partner! Geez.) in the seventh book, for some reason, I would half expect it to be right after Harry found out or somehow communicated with ancestors, for example.
    Otherwise, I still think the names would be simple, but mean something - if not to Harry, than to us, reading about Harry. Like Hedwig (yeah, well, it's the only thing he's named so far!) was a magical name, and she has many symbolic meanings, linked to magic what that means to Harry. And so on.

    Following what you mentioned, Tamitha, I would possibly suggest at least one of the names being meaningful, and somehow linked to Harry's relationship with Ginny. After all, the initial prospect of children is often a further expression and extension of the parents' love (I said often, not always, for anyone whose cheese was just grated), and the growth of them as people together and so on and so forth. So if there was something that was linked - a particular place, with a prominent plant or landmark... obviously, you'd want to stay far away from names like 'Mountain' or 'Big Tree', but things like types of flowers or trees, you know. Personally, I wouldn't name a child like that, but I wouldn't put it past Harry, or Ginny for that matter.

    Harry isn't overly sentimental, at least that's what I understand of him. But he does have that sort of streak.

    As a father - especially a widowed father - I couldn't imagine Harry being anything less than devoted. The role models he has for parental figures are Arthur and Molly Weasley, from which he probably gained some of his understanding of a parent's relationship with their child. Then, of course, his parents, Sirius, etc, but all he really has had the chance to learn from them is the strength of a child-parent relationship, or what it 'should' be, anyway.

    It would be unlikely, in my opinion, that Harry would get it all right to begin with, but he has a lot of love to give, it seems. If he did knock their heads together, I suppose he'd at least sit awake all night trying to calm two screaming infants down. Depending on who's alive, he would have access to plenty of advice. Personally, I find it interesting to imagine the different suggestions - obviously, Molly's... well, Molly, Hermione (depending on the situation) I could imagine to be quite practical about it all, whereas Ron (again, if he's alive and all), I can clearly picture giving father!Harry some... clumsy ideas.

    In the end, it would come down to him, though. And I suppose, since he'd have his mind to it, Harry would eventually work out the business of parenthood. It wouldn't be easy, though. I mean, dealing with disagreements when the kids were older, and whether he'd be overprotective or chuck 'em on brooms. Yeah, it's an interesting topic. That's my two cents, and best of luck!

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    Naming isn't child's play!! I would expect Harry to name his children after some important event of his life or some of his favourite people.( I hope you understand what I mean) Suggestion would pour from all quarters (Hermione , Molly) but I guess Harry would name them on his own ( or with his partner, if she is not dead!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam
    What would he name his daughter? I don't think he would name her Lily, that's too clichéd (sp?) I was thinking more along the lines of Jamie, a female version of James, but I don't know if he'd do that.

    I would not go with Lily or James because it's very cliché.

    You could probably go with just about anything as long as it's not really unusual. I just can't see Harry naming his daughter anything too out there. A classic name would probably be best, like Emily or Jane.

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    Like other people have said, I don't think Harry would go for "Lily" or "James". I don't even think he'd go for "Hermione", "Ginny", or anything else TOO related to his life, as this can be a bit too cliched.

    Like Mind_Over_Matter, I'd love it if he just flicked open a textbook and stuck out a finger...though he probably wouldnt want to call his child "Wendelin the Weird" or anything like that.

    Another thought, is that he could name his child after somebody that he admires? I can't think of anyone off the top of my head, but this could especially happen after book 7, if somebody else in the Order acts bravely and dies.
    He could even name a child after a famous Quidditch player! Though this is probably unlikely...

    Haha, I'd love it if he named his son "Tom" *snigger*

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    I've always thought Brian would be a likely name if Harry has a son. It's a normal-sounding name, but it's also one of Dumbledore's middle names. That way, he'd be able to honor his mentor without being too obvious and using the name Albus, but also without naming the kid something weird, like Wulfric. The name Percival seems unlikely, because it's just too close to Percy "World's Biggest Git" Weasley.

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