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    I'm inclined to it being rather OOC. As far as we know, Harry being able to sing hasn't been mentioned in the books at all. I think if he would have any such talent, JK would have told us so. The books are from his point of view and there have been no references to him being prone to singing or having any musical taste. There is always the possibility of him having *some* musical talent, but I don't think singing is one of them. Playing the piano might be an option you'd like to consider. However, if it isn't necessary to your story, it's wise to stay away from this subject.

    Good luck and I hope that answered your question!

    (I love you too Ashley )

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    I'm sorry to disagree with Anna, but I think I"m going to in regards to the music question...

    Does anyone think that Harry might have the ability to sing? In a fic I'm working on I have him being musically gifted along with his family on his mother's side. Is it OOC or is it a possibility?
    I think it is certainly possible that Harry could have a gifted singing voice. It really wouldn't be important to the plot of the series J.K. Rowling has written so perhaps it hasn't come up, she can't write every little thing after all. Being able to sing hasn't been an important character trait for Harry because he has been so focused on Voldemort and the evils in the world. He has never really thought of singing his troubles away.

    I actually think it would be less likely that Harry would know how to play the piano because I"m sure he didn't have easy access to one growing up on Privet Drive. The Durselys weren't really keen on letting him do anything actually.

    If you are planning to go with this plot though, you'll have to be careful because as Anna said, it hasn't been mentioned in the books at all so if he can sing he won't be this great talent right off. Being able to sing well takes a lot of may have a nice voice but you need to develop techniques in breathing and rythem and all sorts of things. Being "musically talented" is not just having a nice voice, so do your reasearch if you plan to have Harry be the next Phantom of the Opera.

    I hope this helped somewhat, it's just another opinion. (I still love you Anna dear)


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    I also agree with SomberBallad that playing the piano would probably not be something that Harry would be able to do. He has spent most of his life at the Dursleys, and I don't think it's ever been mentioned that they have a piano. Even if they did, they probably wouldn't let him touch it.

    I think that the singing is a possibility. I wouldn't call it OOC, but I still think it's unlikely. If Harry had singing talent (which isn't impossible), I think it would have been mentioned at least once in passing, even though it's irrelevant to the plot in HP. Most people who have singing talent are aware of it, as most people have at least *attempted* to sing once or twice in their life. I don't think that the Dursleys would approve of Harry singing, as they'd think it's bothersome, but if Harry could sing, he could probably do it when no one is around (like when he's alone or bored or something), and we haven't really seen any of that.

    What is the significance of Harry being able to sing in your fic? It's possible that Lily was musically gifted, but that doesn't specifically mean that he will inherit that talent, although there is a chance. But what importance would singing!Harry serve in your fic?

    --Little Kitty

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    It's actually very important to my storyline. In my fic, I explore the relationship between Petunia and Harry, which is almost nonexistent. However, the situation changes for Petunia and she begins to see Harry in an extirely new light. I want to develop more of a family relationship between the two. I mentioned that being musically gifted was on his mother's side. Music serves as the one thing that Petunia and Harry share in common and the basis for this relationship.

    Keep in mind, that I'm not talking about having Harry be the next Frank Sinatra or anything. He's also not willing to just get up on a stage and belt out a song. He's humble about his gifts and rather shy about showing them off. He's kind of forced into it, though.

    I asked this question because the third chapter of my story was rejected because they didn't think that it was possible for Harry to sing. I just wanted to get someone else's take on it and also to strengthen my abilities to characterize Harry.

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    Harry has never shown an inclination to sing thus far. Music can be a connection, but I would give him an instrument he's never had contact with rather than having him sing.

    If you must have him sing, you could make it to where he's not particularly good, and without batting an eye, Petunia critiques him. "You're flat," Petunia snarled from the kitchen.

    Over time, it could be a nice link between them. The key is to take it slow.

    I would focus, instead, on Lily. She's the real connection between them.

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    I think Harry would go back for the book, not because he wanted to use the spells in it, but because anything of Snape's could help him in the long run. Who knows what else Snape wrote in there? The book is a piece of valuable information about the enemy, and Harry wouldn't let it slide past him.

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    Does anyone think that Harry might have the ability to sing? In a fic I'm working on I have him being musically gifted along with his family on his mother's side. Is it OOC or is it a possibility?
    It's an interesting idea... Is it a humour fic you're writing for? Because then you could have Harry very reluctantly realise he's amazing and have everyone constantly getting him to sing when he doesn't want to. If it's not, however, I don't know... it would be a bit strange. I agree with what Alexis Taylor said above - take it slow and focus on Lily.

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    Dumbledore Prince
    Quote Originally Posted by Theatregirl
    Does anyone think that Harry might have the ability to sing? In a fic I'm working on I have him being musically gifted along with his family on his mother's side. Is it OOC or is it a possibility?
    To me, it seems OOC. For some reason, this reflects an OC trend that I know of: making OCs into singers.

    It can be considered a possibility when you take the AU path. Otherwise, I simply can't figure out how it's possible to explain his singing abilities, and if so, why he hasn't realised it yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by count_malfoy
    I have a question: how do you think Harry would react to someone who had just saved his life (or Ron or Hermione's life), if he barely knows the person in question?
    Would Harry be willing to trust him and even think about starting a friendship or do you think he will just thank him and maintain the distance?
    Sorry if I was supposed to open a new thread for this question. If this is the case, I ask a mod to delete my post.
    Thanks in advance for any answers!
    I personally don't think he would just go up and start befriending the person who has saved his life, He has had too much experience in his life with the dark arts and and I think it has scarred his life in a way that he's not as open to other people as the normal wizard or witch.

    He would probably be eternally greatful but it depends on the situation and who the person it is that saves his life. I think he would be more atached to the person if they had saved one of his friends lives because as we see him demonstrate countless times in the books he seems to care more about the lives of others than his own.

    Hope I helped!

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    I don't know if this question has been asked or not, but do you think there is any way in the world that Harry could turn over to the other side? I know he has high moral standards, but would he do it if he thought he was saving someone by switching, or are those morals too high to allow that?

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