We all know that Harry can be sort of... um... stubborn when it comes to Snape. However, I think that there is probably a good bit of spellwork in the Prince's potion book that might come in useful to Harry as he's trying to find the horcruxes. The real question is, will he swallow his pride enough to do it? That's kind of where I'm stuck at in my fic. I really want him to go retrieve the book, whether he likes the person who invented the spells or not, because Harry really needs to, well, grow up and get to work. And I don't think he should toss anything aside, even if the spells were created by someone he hates. On the other hand, part of me thinks it would be completely "Harry" of him to just go against his better judgement and ignore the book completely. I'd like to know everyone's thoughts on this. It won't throw a huge wrench in my plot if it turns out that most people think he would leave it alone, but it's somewhat important for later. Thanks