Harry can be hard to write sometimes because heís got a really wide emotional range. He tends to act on his impulses, and sometimes itís just hard to predict what exactly heís going to do next. And itís not as if heís the most rational guy in the universe. No, heís done plenty of irrational things, all because of the way he feels at a certain point. So I end up thinking to myself, ďWould Harry really do something like this? What if he was really desperate?Ē

So going on to the Unforgivables, I donít think Harry would use them unless he really needed to use them. We know heís not afraid to use them, thatís for sure, because weíve seen him try Crucio on both Bellatrix and he *attempted* to cast it on Snape as well. So heís willing to use them, but I think heís only going to use them if the person is doing something really bad, or has just killed someone thatís close to him. Like, if someone tries to kill/does kill Ron or Hermione, for example, Iím sure Harry wouldnít hesitate to use one of the Unforgivables. We saw how he reacted when Dumbledore died. He was desperate, and he was angry, like VERY ANGRY. But I donít think that Harry would use Avada Kedavra. Heís impulsive, yes, but I think he knows well enough the difference between good and evil, but I really canít picture Harry stooping to the same level as the murders of the people he loved. I canít see him using the Imperius Curse, either.

Harry might use Sectumsempra again, if the time seems right, but I doubt it. He was pretty horrified at the effects of it the first time around, and I donít think heís all that comfortable with it. If it was someone he hated the guts out of, maybe heíd try Crucio again. Chances are that heís not going to refer back to Snapeís potion book. I could picture Harry delving deeper into the Dark Arts. Not because heís evil or anything, but because heís being driven by very strong feelings of revenge and desperation. Heíd definitely go into all that Dark Arts stuff, though he would likely use them for defensive purposes.

--Little Kitty