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    Harry Potter

    We all know that Harry can be sort of... um... stubborn when it comes to Snape. However, I think that there is probably a good bit of spellwork in the Prince's potion book that might come in useful to Harry as he's trying to find the horcruxes. The real question is, will he swallow his pride enough to do it? That's kind of where I'm stuck at in my fic. I really want him to go retrieve the book, whether he likes the person who invented the spells or not, because Harry really needs to, well, grow up and get to work. And I don't think he should toss anything aside, even if the spells were created by someone he hates. On the other hand, part of me thinks it would be completely "Harry" of him to just go against his better judgement and ignore the book completely. I'd like to know everyone's thoughts on this. It won't throw a huge wrench in my plot if it turns out that most people think he would leave it alone, but it's somewhat important for later. Thanks

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    You definately seem to be stuck between a rock and a hard place here! Personally, I would have Harry go get it. You're absolutely right. He DOES tend to go against his better judgement a lot of the times, but now that so many people that he loves have died, he's probably learned his lesson when it comes to stuff like that. Although one of the people he hates most created it, he must retrieve it. Just my opinion

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    HarryPotter is my LIFE
    I think that after a little convincing he might do it. Hermione almost always sees the sensible side of things. And while Harry would scorn the book, never wanting help from Snape, Hermione could talk sense into him, telling him that it would help.

    EDIT: After coming back to this thread and seeing that many disagreed with me, I thought i should back up my idea with reasoning. They way I see it, is that Hermione is a sensible girl. She has been positively against this book from the start, even more so once Harry used the curse on Draco. But think, times are becoming desperate, the trio may be setting out on a trip to find Voldemort's horcruxes. Hermione, being sensible, will probably battle it out in her head. One side saying the book is bad, she knew it from the start and they should not use it. The other side contradicts, reminging her of what those spells can do. If she's being attacked by a death eater, she'd want a chance to survive, no? In my opinion Hermione would in the end decide that it would be best to try to get Harry to accept the book, after what happened to Draco, they all know the damage and can probably gauge out when to use it/

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    No offense, HarryPotter is my LIFE, but I don't see Hermione encouraging Harry to get the book again, since she was so against him using it while he had it. If for some reason she realized he desperately needed it and nothing else would suffice, she may convince him to get it, but I don't see her suggesting he get it just for kicks.

    Ron, on the other hand, I can see convincing Harry that getting the book would be a good idea.

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    I don't think Harry would retrieve the book if he considered it as accepting help from Snape, however if he thought using it would spite him, that could work.

    Near the end of HBP Harry saw just how much Snape couldn't stand the thought of Harry using his own spells against him (Sectumsempra). Perhaps Harry could retrieve the book with the intention to see if there are any more spells he could use against Snape (incase he runs into him while searching for the Horcruxes), and then he ends up using it for whatever reason you need him to have it?

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    miss padfoot
    Is it necessary for you to use the Potions book? Maybe you could make up another book that Hermione came across and that helped them.

    If you want to stick with the Potions book, then is Harry should return to Hogwarts at some point of time and for that the school needs to be open.

    Maybe he returns to Hogwarts to look for the Horcruxes and stumbles upon the book in the Room of Requirement? Personally, I'd suggest you have Hermione persuade him. Though Hermione hated using the book throughout HBP, it was mainly because she considered him to be cheating in the class. But now the situation is entirely different. Harry needs all the help he can, so Hermione can be someone who can persuade him use the fic.

    Or, Harry knows how much Snape hates using his own spells against him. So, just to infuriate Snape, Harry decides to make use of his spell?

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    I was definitely thinking of having Hermione badger him into it. Yes, she didn't like him using the book before, because they didn't know who had created the spells, or what they would do. And, yes, the cheating aspect. But now it's different. If there's even a small chance that it could give Harry new spells and a better understanding of magic, then I think both she AND Ron would persuade Harry to just get over it and get the book.

    Using the book against Snape is a good point. I hadn't really thought about throwing that in there. And in my plotline, a confrontation with Snape takes place after the "book retrieval". That still leaves Harry in two minds, however. But I think, actually, that his hatred of Snape and wanting to... humiliate him.. by using his own spells might win out and he'd kill two birds with one stone. Thanks for the help

    Now, I think using something like Sectumsempra again is out of the question. But, we've seen Harry use an Unforgiveable on Bellatrix, and he tried to use one on Snape, as well as Sectumsempra. Both times were out of anger. Would Harry consider using Dark spells? More of a protective mechanism than anything else... Or would it put him at risk of (forgive me) falling to the Dark Side? There's always the age old expression of fighting fire with fire, but I think in Harry's case (and in canon's case) that wouldn't be right.

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    I can't see Hermione badgering Harry into getting the book as she was dead set against it without a really good reason. However, if you can work it into the plot this way, I can see her trying to get Harry to ask Snape for help since Snape is still a pretty key player. There is not possible way that Harry will do this, and ever Hermione would probably be forced to give in on this point. But the book was his "friend" and she might see a way for him to get the knowledge (the same knowledge as it were) from the book, thus avoiding humbling himself infront of Snape. And if she argues enough, Harry will really have no legs to stand on as it is rediculous to harbor resentment against a book, as well as it being (to Harry) the lesser of two evils.

    I think Harry only used the Dark spells out of sheer desperation and rage. And -important fact- you will notice that it just didn't work for him. He doesn't have it in him to be cruel in the way you need for the spells. I think he would instead be more creative by using uncomfortable jinxes and hexes, leaving actual punishment up to the law or whatever authority he believes deserves to deal with them (such as the Order).

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    I think that with Dumbledore's death, Harry will slip farther into the Dark Arts--more desperate, more reckless. Since he feels so very strongly about Severus, however, I'm not sure that he would use one of his spells, unless of course it's in the "use them against him" vein.

    I can't see Hermione giving the book a second look, and she would almost certainly talk Harry out of it. Ron, however, I can see pushing Harry to use it. Think about it, Ron's moral code has always been...well, sketchy at best.

    You're quite right, it wouldn't be right for Harry to use Unforgiveables...but I think that he's shown if he's desperately angry, he'll use one. However, we have to keep in mind that he's only used Unforgiveables if people he loves just died. I think that anyone would use an Unforgiveable Curse on their loved one's murderer.

    But, coppercurls is quite right, they didn't work for him. I don't think, that at heart, Harry's got it in him to really want to hurt people, like Bellatrix said you needed to to use an Unforgiveable.

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    Rob Matthews
    I don't think Harry would just say, "What the heck, I need a some help, why not check out Snape's old book?" I think you have to forcefeed it to him, and I think Hermione doing it might not be the perfect way. How 'bout Harry has to go into the Room of Requirement for something else, and he sees the copy lying on the desk, and decides to just take it? Or perhaps Dobby sees the book and thought it was Harry's, and returns it to him.

    I highly doubt Harry will pull out the ol' Unforgivables. It's not his style. When it comes to brute force, he can't just overpower someone in a duel. He relies on instinct and impulses rather than brute skill, and I don't think Harry even HAS the power to pull out the ol' Avada Kedavra. No matter who it is, Harry won't want to cause pain (which is necessary in order to pull off an Unforgivable), he'll simply want to defeat them.

    So, erm, yeah... Maybe I stirred a couple of plot bunnies? Doubt it, but good luck...

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