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Thread: Little Witch and Wizard Games

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    Little Witch and Wizard Games

    I think this is the right place for this, mods you can delete it if it's not...

    So, I was wondering, what sort of games would little witches and wizards play? The only one I've come up with on my own is gnome-on-wand race, like an egg and spoon race. I thinking if there's a three-legged animal, then that would be the name of the three-legged race. I would love to here your suggestions and ideas!

    Thanks a bunch, in advance.


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    "Muggle Hunting". I just see a little Draco Malfoy type child running round his house hunting and capturing Muggles, as a make-believe game by yourself or a hide-and-seek type thing with friends.

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    Little kids would probably play tag on broom sticks. And it also maybe be possible to dream up some Quidditch version of American touch-football.

    Thinking back to my own childhood...

    You could also probably find ways to wizardfy water ballon fights, dodgeball, Marco Polo...

    OH, and then there's Russian laser tag, where we would essentially just pelt each other with flour. Maybe you could use some kind of potion ingredient for this effect.

    Also, little witches would probably still play house and tea parties. And their awful wizard brothers would probably turn their dollies into giant spiders and replace their tea with frog spawn.

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    Well in the only way that I can help you is to give you the link to the page that I found. It about kids games and you should check it out. I hope it helped. And you can add some magic things to the game. For ex. if they play tags the person who gets tagged gain a large T on the forehead at it has it until he tags another person.

    :link:-and here is the link to kids games

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    Thank you guys so much! These ideas helped me out so much. I'll be sure to give credit where credit is due.

    Mods- you can lock and grave this thread.


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