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Thread: Valentine's Day

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    Valentine's Day

    Hi! I'm in need of some ideas for Valentine's Day during the Marauder Era. I'd expect that the pranksters would have some ideas up their sleaves with concerns to this mushy day! I should probably mention that Lily and James are a couple by this point, and there's also some competition between Sirius and the DADA teacher (who may just receive more cards than him!) and as well as this, the boys are trying to convince Sirius to send a Valentine's Day card to the girl he likes.

    So does anybody have any ideas for some Marauder type Valentines havoc?

    Any help greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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    I think that maybe they'd bewitch a bunch of bubbles with hearts in them to follow certain people and yell random things at them.

    This sounds really interesting, by the way!

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    James and Sirius could go around shooting Cupid arrows at girls to help Sirius during the competition or James puts a Charm over Lily's head so every time she tries to talk she gets showered with hearts. Or... Sirius could conjure a llama to sabotage the DADA teacher except James hits it with an arrow and....well, use your imagination.

    Wow. Those are all collosally stupid. Sorry, but maybe if I post them it'll spark some ideas.

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    They could slip a love potion into Snape's drink and make him fall in love with a teacher, or vise versa...

    Dye Snape's robes bright pink with love hearts...

    Can't really think of anything else but I will get back to you.

    Sorry, they weren't the most original ideas...


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    I love the idea of 'Cupid Arrows'. You could have fun making up a magical object. I can see James and Sirius reading the packaging: "Side effects may include..."

    Other ideas:
    -The Marauders could sell trick flowers to gullible boys. They turn into smelly socks or boxers when presented to the un-lucky girl
    -Little annoying birds/showers of flowers/whatever following someone around until they kiss their crush.
    -The suits of armor could be enchanted to chase the DADA teacher, declaring their eternal love, etc.
    -Something along the same lines with the portraits
    -Sirius could set up a kissing booth and attempt to win the ladies along those lines.

    Hmmm... best I can do at the moment. Good luck!

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    go go ravenclaw


    Well, you've got an expert here! I love the Marauder Era.

    I think the Marauders would probably experiment with love potions. Also, there could be something amusing involving Peter, an Amortentia and that athletic Slytherin girl he's dead scared of

    The pranks would probably be fun-loving, though. Sirius could get carried away and be too mean...probably do something really horrible to one of the Slytherins. Lily could then step in and chatsise all of them.

    Perhaps James and Sirius could sneak in Butterbeer from Hogsmeade and contaminate it with love potion. And then, they could give it out to the whole student population. THEN things would get interesting

    -hope this helped.

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    Wow! Thanks for all the help everyone! You really got my creative juices flowing, my mind is now filled with Marauder type havoc! If I use any of your ideas directly I'll be sure to credit you, thanks again!

    Mods: I have gotten what I need from this thread, please feel free to lock and grave .

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