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Thread: Alastor "Mad Eye" Moody

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    Alastor "Mad Eye" Moody

    I was shocked that Moody didn't already have a discussion thread.

    I'm currently writing a story set in the first war with Voldemort. So my Moody character is younger and less grizzled. He's still rather serious and slightly paranoid. He's a minor character, but I have this idea bouncing around in my brain that may get some fleshed out in my story, or maybe a one-shot later.

    Moody has decided that he should be protecting Dorcas Meadowes from a possible Death Eater attack.
    Meadowes works for the Daily Prophet. She's a real journalist, and has written some rather brave editorials, including one entitled "Constant Vigilance," which has practically become scripture to Moody.

    So my question is: Is it entirely improbable that they would have some chemistry, possibly even a relationship? It's Mad Eye Moody, so I know they wouldn't have a 'normal' relationship. I also know it can't have a happy ending - "Voldemort killed her personally," but it's kind of a fun thought.

    So, assuming this is probable, what would her character be like?
    Tough as nails? Or brave but sweet - like his light in the darkness?
    What is more likely? And what would make a better story?

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    Hi, Sydney. I too am surprised to hear that Moody didn’t have a discussion thread.

    I don’t think that it is impossible that Moody could have had a relationship in his younger years. Recall A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens; Ebenezer Scrooge had a relationship with a young woman during his youth, but it was gradually destroyed by his obsession with gaining money. So Moody could have had a romance, or at least romantic feelings, in his younger days, until his attention became completely focused on his Auror work.

    Are you suggesting that that Moody’s motto, “Constant Vigilence”, was inspired by the title of the editorial by Dorcas? If so, his devotion to that motto could be a reflection of his devotion to the memory of the woman who coined it.

    It is possible to be tough and sweet at the same time. I think of my daughter, who is brave, adventurous, and a toughie nut who doesn’t suffer fools gladly and never hesitated to fire employees who didn’t measure up, but to me she is still my sweet baby girl with a loving nature. Actually a good combination. Hopefully all basically sweet people learn to be tough and strong nevertheless, because life demands it. I see Dorcas as impelled by very strong principles that give her courage in dire situations. I think your best bet for a story would be the middle ground, a kind-hearted person (but not weak or sappy) who grits her teeth and does what has to be done because she values the Right over the Easy or Comfortable. But she should not be unfeeling or treat people like objects, or treat innocent people unkindly.

    Hope this helps. Keep writing!

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    I also can't believe there hasn't been a thread for Mad-Eye, who is one of my very favorite characters.

    I totally agree he could have had a relationship - and now I am going to go look and see if you've written this and it is up before I say anything else!

    ETA: Ah, so I went and read the first few chapters before my computer refused to post a review - I'll come back later, it has been misbehaving tonight.
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