Name: butter_beer_drinker
House: Gryffindor
Title: Paradise
Warnings: None
Word Count: 281
Authors Note: hope you can feel the heat!

The sun glared brightly off the white sand surrounding them. A red and white striped umbrella provided a small island of shade in the intense heat. Buried deep in the sand, next to Hermione’s beach chair, was a cooler filled with Champaign and Balsamic Sauce Mignonette, the tangy companion for their oysters

Hip deep in the warm tropical waters, Ron stood gazing out into the varying shades of blue. Waving his wand around to create the Bubble-Head charm, he disappeared into the depths. Under the water he watched as a sea devil skimmed the water below him. Watching its graceful movements, he thought the stingray looked like more like an angel flying through the coral.

He moved away and towards the edge of the reef, the oysters were four deep along the wall. He smiled and began pulling them off and putting them in a water basket. Brightly colored fish darted out of their hiding places and schooled behind him.

On the beach, Hermione dug in her bag for a quill or even a pencil to work a puzzle with. Finding neither, she decided to set up the table. She conjured a small wrought-iron table set then using the plates and utensils provided by the hotel, she laid out two place settings. She smiled at the whimsical origami napkins that had been provided; the bird of paradise fold was perfect for the setting.

Ron approached his new bride and set the basket down in the sand. He wrapped his arms around her and placed a chaste kiss on her cheek. Ron had thought a honeymoon at a Muggle hotel would not go well, he was happy to have been proven wrong.