Characters: Draco Malfoy, Arthur Weasley, Ministry officials and Death Eaters of your choice
Mood: a sulky, scheming sort of funny
Plot line: It's months after the Battle of Hogwarts, and the borderline Death Eaters and young followers of Voldemort are in a sort of limbo with the court system--the Ministry doesn't really know what to do with them. A foreign scientist creates a potion that suppresses and harnesses a wizard's magic and has no antidote, and when news of it reaches England, Arthur Weasley suggests giving the lesser Death Eaters a choice: go to Azkaban for who knows how long, or go live like a Muggle. It would center around Draco struggling to live as a Muggle, with snitches of other Death Eaters around England trying to do the same thing...and maybe resorting to magic-less Muggle baiting when they get bored of feeling sorry for themselves. The end's wide open, but maybe Draco's doing something he shouldn't be and realizes that the potion does wear off eventually? It's not very focused, sorry!
Other Details: I was going to call it something like, "Muggled, and Other Stories," but that's not really necessary. If someone wants to add a ship or two, I think the bunny could take it. The story's not really planned out much.