I want to write a short chaptered fic centered around Rose Weasley, Lily and Scorpius. A love triangle *rolls eyes*

Considering that Lily is two years younger than Scorpius, do you think its plausible to have her as rather confident? The "popular" and good looking type? Remebering that she has a famous father and her mother played on a famous Quidditch team... or do you think Harry and Ginny would have kept her grounded?

I don't plan on making her overly-confident and, but a little bit would help the plot of my story.

Also, how do you think she would be appearance wise? I wanted her to have freckles, possibly have Harry's dark hair. Or do you think red hair would be the way to go?

And is it safe to say Lily and her cousins would be in Gryffindor?