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Thread: Ask a Moderator - Part 15

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    Ginny_Weasley_Potter, try contacting the mod again. If you still don't have a response, then email or PM a site admin (that would be PhysicalGraffiti, songbook99, or MarauderbyMidnight).

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    Maximum chapter length?

    What is the maximum length of a chapter? The submission page at one time said 10000 words, but I've found that when I try to submit chapters of more than approximately 7200 words, the software rejects it, forcing me to break them into smaller chapters.

    Oddly, I also found that the software recently did this with a chapter that was shorter than one that had previously been posted. (I have one 7586-word chapter on-site, but a 7268-word chapter had to be cut down in size before I could get it into the queue.)

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    I don't know if this is the right place to put this, but it has been brought to my attention that readers cannot view the first chapter of my story on the main site, The Cedric Diggory Files. I went to look, and it says in the table of contents: 0, Chapter One... 2, Chapter Two. When you click on Chapter One, it just takes you back to the table of contents. Also, if you click chapter two, and then hit previous, it comes up with a blank screen. Chapter One WAS validated, a while ago... what's going on?

    I tried editing chapter one and clicking "Add Story" to see if that would fix it, but it didn't.

    It also says that I have one review for the story, but for the two chapters, it says zero reviews. Is this because of the problem with the first chapter?

    Help! Sorry if this has been asked before, or if this is the wrong place...


    EDIT- Thanks so much, Marauder_by_Midnight, and other mods!

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    Marauder by Midnight
    Inverarity - No, I double-checked, and we specifically place the maximum chapter length at 10,000 words. Perhaps there are some words that your word count program are not counting that our program are, like hyphens?

    Evester - This has happened to some people before, though we're not sure why there are empty chapters. It's been fixed.

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    I can't log in

    I was logged in earlier, but when I clicked on my PM box, it said I wasn't logged in and when I tried to log in again, the "welcome, clumsywerewolf2438, etc." thing came up, but when I clicked "proceed," I was still logged out.

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    Maximum chapter length

    MbM: No, even factoring in possible discrepancies in word-counting software, the chapter was well below 10,000 words.

    Is it possible that certain characters, such as these:

    Ο Ο Ο Ο Ο Ο Ο Ο Ο Ο

    (which I use for section breaks) throw off the formatting software?

    I've experienced another glitch in the software: trying to edit my profile always throws me to an "unauthorized access" error page, no matter how many times I log in.

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    clumsywerewolf, can you send me the specifics of the problem you are having? I can't see anything on your account that would explain the problems you're having logging in.

    Inverarity, yes, those 'O's you are using as breaks in your submission will be counted as individual words by our software. That is why we suggest using the <hr> horizontal line tag instead.

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    songbook99: I think you misunderstand my question. I know they will be counted as individual words. However, even factoring those in, a 7200-word chapter could not be counted as being over 10,000 words. (I did not use 2800 of those characters in a chapter, nor a combination of Os and hyphens totaling 2800, honest.)

    I have no explanation for the glitches I experienced, but glitches they most definitely were, as the chapters I've had problems with are not, by any measure, close to 10,000 words.

    Is there some way to file a trouble ticket, complete with the chapter in question, so you can test it yourself?

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    Bug Report: Chapter submissions

    Folllow-up to my previous post.

    I experimented with a chapter that is 9983 words (according to my word processor). This was after removing all section breaks, so those "O"s I mentioned earlier cannot account for the difference. I also verified that my word processor does count hyphenated words as two words, so that doesn't explain the discrepancy either.

    When I attempted to preview this chapter after pasting it into the submission form, I got this page:

    Method Not Implemented

    POST to /stories.php not supported.

    So, I broke it into two chapters, one 3928 words, one 6055 words.

    I first tried to paste the first (shorter) chapter into the submission form and preview it. I got the same 501 error page as above. Then I tried pasting the second, longer half in. This worked; the entire chapter was displayed.

    I went back and pasted the first chapter, minus the last page (about 400 words). Now it worked.

    So, there is definitely some sort of bug going on here. A 3928-word chapter was rejected as being too long; a 6055-word chapter wasn't. I removed all section breaks and other non-standard characters, so I am pretty sure there was no special formatting in my text that could have caused this.

    I'm baffled. If you'd like a copy of the documents I used, PM me and I will email them, or perform any other experiments you'd like to verify/test this behavior.

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    I wanted to request a video in the VMA, but my posts don't appear there. I tried posting the same thing twice and nothing happened. They just don't appear. I had to PM the videomaker, finally.

    May I know whether there's some group I have to join, or something for being able to request? Or is something wrong?

    Thank you!
    ~ Pooja

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