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Thread: Ask a Moderator - Part 15

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    Flobberworm93: Certain forums have rules for initial posts. Skele-Gro is one of these, and I'm very strict about it. Please review the rules carefully before starting a thread and make sure you're following the required formats.

  2. 05-09-2008, 12:00 AM

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    I recently tried to post a one-shot entry for the Earth Challange, only to get an Error 500/501 message. I tried posting a different story under humor, but that was allowed.

    I posted this question in the Colors of the Spectrum thread, and was instructed to ask about it here, because it sounded like a server issue.

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    OliveOil_Med - This has been addressed in our glitches forum. Email EVERYTHING pertaining to your story (summary, title, warnings, etc) to me. I'll put it in for you manually.

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    A while ago I was having problems with the site - it kept giving HTTP 404 - Page Not Found error and then come back completely randomly. (Beth, remember we discussed it for a while but couldn't figure out why it kept happening?) Thankfully that hadn't been recurring for a few months now, but yesterday I discovered that it happens when I push that little white arrow thing at the upper right corner of each forum to hide them. Whenever I hide the departments I'm not taking a class from, the site disappears with HTTP 404 when I next click on something. I clear all cookies, temporary internet files and history, the site opens again but only allows me to unhide the hidden forums. Then all goes back to normal when no forum is hidden.

    I know it's a minor problem and I can just keep all the forums unhidden. It's no big deal, but it's frustrating. Do you have any idea why that might be happening?
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    kehribar - No one else has reported this problem, so I'm assuming it's either a regional server error or a setting on your computer. I'm looking into this right now and will get back to you with what I find.

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    I have been having an error with my computer at home where when I try to view this site or the main fan fic site a message appears telling me that the srver could not understand the message from my browser or words to that effect. However, I am able to access the site from a school computer.

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    andromeda_tonks - Errors and glitches belong in the Bugs forum. And you should be more specific.

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    Does adding an extra burn mark to the Black Family Tree mean that I have to classify a story as AU?

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    La_vie_boheme - If your story is about the burn mark and not just a passing minor detail, your story may either need an AU warning or it may need to be submitted in the AU category. It depends on how much focus is put on that detail and if the person whose name was burned off the family tree is a main character of your story.

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    A story of mine got rejected for something that I cannot change. I had reported this on this very thread at that time, and I was told to contact the Mod who is concerned. I followed that, but I'm not getting any response from the Mod. What should I do?

    Thank you.
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