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Thread: Ask a Moderator - Part 15

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    can't reset password

    My username on the forums is Ankh of the Night. I have forgotten my password for the forums, but when I request my username and password to be e-mailed to me, the e-mail does not arrive. I have tried it several times, but it still doesn't work. What should I do?

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    Ironic Inspiration
    Hey! I was wondering how I could change my story to where my coauthor's name is on it to. The first chapter is just on the site with my name on it, but I have since gained a coauthor and she would like it under her account as well. Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Edit: Thank you very much! I will do just that.

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    Ankh, email me your username and email address and I will manually reset your password and email it to you directly. My

    Ironic Inspiration, you should contact Marauder by Midnight with the name or sid of the story you want the coauthor added, along with the coauthor's username.

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    I keep getting logged out


    Any time I try to review a story or add to my favorites, MNFF logs me out and I have to login again and find the story all over again...

    I have not submitted any stories yet, but am worried that this will happen there also...

    What should I do???


    HGHR_fan (Ali)

    BACK AFTER SO LONG - Feels so good


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    Rita Skeeter
    My MNFF username is Lady Knightly, and when I try to edit chapter 11 in my fic A Sleepwalk to Remember, this page comes up saying:

    Method Not Implemented
    POST to /stories.php not supported.

    What do I do????

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    I'm working on a co-authored dark/angsty fic with Lola-Louisa, and we both have stories in the Dark/Angsty categories we would like to update too. If say, Lola were to submit the first chapter (while I would be in the co-author bit), would I be able to submit a chapter to my fic while it's in the queue? I read the FAQ five times so if it's in there, I need glasses



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    HGHR_fan, it sounds like your session is being timed out. As sessions do get timed out if they are inactive, such as reading a long chapter, there is not a lot to do. If it is occurring immediately after you have logged in, you should try clearing your cookies and temporary internet files as that usually helps.

    Rita Skeeter, you should check in the Site Upgrade Information subforum for information on that error.

    Lyratearsx, as long as she is the one submitting the co-authored chapter, you are fine to submit your chapter.

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    Dear Mods,

    Can anyone advise me what I should do if I get no reaction to my question in the 'I didn't get a rejection letter' thread? The question has been up there for over two weeks, and I supplemented an edit to the post a few days ago in a vain hope that it would get noticed.

    I don't want to be a bother, but the issue concerns the unexplained disappearance of a whole fic, so it's kinda sad...


    Dear Roxy,

    I have sent you a PM on a Hogwarts issue a few weeks ago, and there is no reply, as if usually the case with me. This is an attempt to get your attention, as I hope you sometimes visit this thread...

    ~El the Perpetually Ignored

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    El, chances are, if you haven't got a response, the mod does not specifically remember the story. PM the mod in charge of your category, or any mod if it's a General, D/A or Humor fic, and explain the situation. Usually there is an expedited process for getting those chapters back up.

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    A weird thing's been happening to me lately when I've gone on this site, and I don't know if it's happened to anyone else.

    When I access this site, I often hear people talking, or music, in short bursts of two to three seconds with about thirty-second pauses in between. The sound quality is crackly, like a radio. Today, I heard a girl talking in interrupted chunks about her experience being an amateur model and disliking the guy who operated the lights. Later, I heard a song by (I think the Backstreet Boys, maybe N*Sync) called "Larger Than Life." Right now, I'm hearing weird guitar sound effects.

    You might think I'm hallucinating, but my mum and my sister can hear it, too! There are no pop ups-- this is the only window open besides a Microsoft Word document.

    This only happens on this site, and stops when I close the window. I know MuggleNet dot com has some ads at the bottom of the screen that talk, but this is different.

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