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Thread: Ask a Moderator - Part 15

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    Jordan, I'm not sure how to fix your problem - I assume you've checked all the obvious, such as your email isn't suddenly filtering to spam? I'll leave that for Beth or another techie - which clearly I am not.

    sjam, if you would read the post earlier on this page, songbook99 has stated she is very busy the past few weeks, and patience is requested.

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    I recently submitted a story into queue, and then I realized that I changed my email. So, I went to 'Edit Bio' and tried to change it, but when I hit submit, I get a 'Cannot Display the Page' message. I'm very sorry if this has already been adressed, but what should I do?

    EDIT: So, I just read about the 'Method Not Implemented' thing, but I was trying to change my email. Does this mean I have to take the images off my bio just to change my email? It's not that I don't want to, I'm just wondering.

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    Marking a story complete

    I did look for this, but there is rather a lot of posts and apparently my searching skills are not up to the challenge.

    I have just submitted the last chapter to Raven's Song. I was going to mark the story as "complete", but then I realized that this might confuse readers since they can't see the, as yet, unvalidated chapter.

    Is the proper procedure to wait until the last chapter is validated, and then edit the story to mark it complete? And does completing do anything, like make the fic uneditable? Or is it just a cookie for the reader so they know that it is done?

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  4. 06-23-2008, 02:03 PM

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    What is the duelling club for?
    Like what do you have to include in a thread/post/

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    I was adding this banner (by me) to my siggie, but when I put it there, the banner resized itself from 420x250 to another size (which I can't check, as I don't have GIMP at the moment >.< ).

    Why did it do this, and how can I fix it?


    - Katie

    EDIT: I re-uploaded it to my Photobucket, and the problem seems to have fixed itself. Please ignore this post. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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    Ooh, lots of questions to answer. Sorry for the wait, guys.

    nikkiolapotter - I'm not sure, but it could be helpful. Try it and see. If it doesn't work, contact Beth (marauderbymidnight)

    indigo_mouse - It's probably best to wait until your chapter is validated, just so that you aren't claiming an uncomplete fiction is complete, but there is no set procedure. It's down to you as it makes no real difference either way.

    dancing_in_moon_pools - you can see what to put in a thread by looking at the others that are there already. Simply read a few and find out what each of them have in common.

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    My one-shot, He Leaves His Legacy On Marble floors, was accepted earlier today, but a reader informed me by way of review that the chapter isn't showing up on the archieves. It lists the story, summery, etc., but on the chapter count it lists zero.

    copied and pasted directly:
    Chapters: 0 | Completed: Yes
    Word count: 1137 Read: 0
    Should I resubmit or can this be fixed?

    Thanks so much!


    EDIT: Right-o. Thanks!

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    NikkiolaPotter - Yes, if you edit anything on the Edit Bio page, you will need to take off all your banners.

    whomovedmyquill - Your story has been validated. Your story had to be manually validated so there is a lag between when we send your validation letter and when your story is actually validated.

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    I keep trying to send a PM to my friend (I have a total of 35 PMs, including sent) and whenever I hit 'submit,' I get this exciting screen: "The website is unable to display this web page." Apparently, it's an HTTP 501 Not Implemented, whatever that means.

    I've tried refreshing the page several times, but I only get that screen, and when I check my 'sent' messages, it does not list the PM I tried to send. It's a rather urgent PM (Gauntlet prompt/information), and I'd really like to get it through. I've tried a bunch of other websites and other functions of this website, and everything works perfectly except for sending PMs. I've saved the PM I want to send as a Microsoft Word document, but I really want to be able to send it. Please get back to me as soon as possible!

    ADDENDUM: I just PMed another person, and my PM worked fine. So then, I tried PMing the person I originally intended to PM... and it didn't work. I don't know if the problem only centers around that one person, but I'm concerned.

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    Schmerg_the_Impaler - Try sending the PM without any HTML.

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