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Thread: Ask a Moderator - Part 15

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    Alrighty, I did a search for this and the four that were brought up as a match had nothing to do with my question sooo . . .

    Where have all the prettiful banners gone from people's signatures?

    I see the thank you's for each, still as they would normally be but no banner to accompany them. I don't believe it's affected ALL banners but certainly a significant number have become invisible - at least on my computer!


    EDIT: Thanks to you both. And yes, my work computer *does* block photobucket so I didn't even take that into account. Oopsy. *feels ignorant*
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    NikkiSue - Please go to your UserCP and "Edit Options". Scroll down to the "Visible Post Elements" section and make sure all three options have a check-mark next to them. You're most likely missing the check next to "Show Images".

    ETA: Hmm interesting. I never knew some networks block photobucket. Thanks, Kim!

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    Nicole, the other thing is if it's only affecting certain banners - are you on a different computer? My work computer blocks photobucket, so anything that's hosted there, the banner is invisible. It could just be the network you're connected to.

    EDIT: Yes, goofy work computers.

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    Um, I have a question...

    My story, These Lives we Live just got accepted and there's no way to access it. There's no link to the chapter for people to read. I don't understand it. Please help?

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    Gin_Drinka - Taken care of. You had what we call a naked story.

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    I know we're not supposed to post offsite fanfic links, but I need some examples of badly written fics for something I'm writing, and a) I doubt MNFF would have many, b) I wouldn't want to offend any authors who might be reading the thread. Would it be okay to ask for them in this case?

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    Flobberworm93 - Sorry, but that's against site policy :/ If you need examples of poorly written stories, you can take excerpts from other sites to post here without specifying where they're from.

  8. 05-07-2008, 02:08 AM

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    I just logged onto the skele-gro forum to check on my thread, only to find that it was deleted. I wasn't aware of breaking any rules; what happened.

    Oh, and the thread was called "Himics" if that helps. I'm pretty sure it had five posts


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    All right, I did a search through all the past threads, and though I mostly just skimmed through the results, they all seemed to be along the same lines, and it doesn't help answer my particular problem.

    Is there any reason why my posts wouldn't show up in a particular thread? I know some forums are moderated, and as such, the posts have to be manually approved, but I haven't had a problem with posting in the forum before.

    I'm trying to make a post in my VideoMakers' thread, and if I preview the post, it shows up, and then I click the submit button and it comes up with that little screen that says it's posting, but then, it just shoots me back to the main page of the forum, rather than my individual thread that I was trying to post in.

    *Hopes that explanation makes sense*

    Like I said, I don't think it can be a moderated-type problem, as I haven't had any trouble posting in that forum until now.


    EDIT: All right, thanks, Beth. I PM'd KC and got my answer

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    Flobberworm93 - If you have a problem in a particular forum, you need to contact the moderator in charge of that forum.

    megan_lupin - Yes, your posts have been moderated. I'm not entirely sure why; you should contact either songbook99 or sayiansirius (I would contact KC first).

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