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Thread: Ask a Moderator - Part 15

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    If you were to write a stage script, what catagory would it be submitted to? I'm thinking whatever catagory it would be in if it wasn't a script, but I'm not quite sure.


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    Kcharles: It should be submitted to whatever category you would submit to if it were a regular fic. I would advise, however, that you contact the category mod prior to submitting as we accept very few fics of this type.

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    I wasn't sure if I should post here or IM a mod or something, but I searched the forums and came up with nothing.

    It seems I cant edit my profile info on MNFF or add chapters. I can add a chapter up to the point where I click on 'preview', but when I click on 'add story' (or try and edit profile), my browser says, '501 Method Not Implemented'.

    I read in an earlier question about someone clearing their cookies and changing browser, so I tried that and it still doesnt work. I've had problems before where a chapter got validated, unvalidated and then revalidated, and said chapter now has no submission date in my manage chapters list - it just says 0000-00-00, etc. I dont know if that is relevant or helpful.

    Help please? I dont know what else to do

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    MikePhoenixLament, in this forum, you will find that both of those errors have been addressed. Please look at the steps there for editing your bio, and the other error is something that cannot be addressed by us, but by our host.

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    Okay, I have kind of an odd question...

    See, I want to enter this writing challenge, for a national magazine. And I've had this idea that has to do with a fanfic of mine, Statues, Safes, Painted Walls and Streetlights. I was thinking of un-Harry Potter-izing it. Taking ou entirely ALL mentions and references and even tweaking the plot a bit, to fit it into original fiction. So, my question is, would that be legal? Could I actually submit this un-Harry Potter-ized story?

    Thanks ahead of time!

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    It's your fiction. If you can take it completely out of JKR's world then yes, it is your work and can be considered it's own story. You must remove every single mention of Potter however, including places, people and ideas.

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    Hello again, you must be starting to find me annoying .

    My question is, can anyone start a usergroup in the RoR?

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    kcharles - I don't know what you mean by usergroup. If you mean a sub-forum, technically yes. But you'd have to put forth a very thorough proposal as to why the usergroup should be created. We don't often create new usergroups/forums unless we see that the group is well thought-out, has a good purpose and connection to our Harry Potter fanfiction site, and is well-established.

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    I mean that, if I had a idea for a club thing, like the Videomakers Association, would I be able to just post it there as a thread, like the VMA had before it got it's spiffy new forum?

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    kcharles - Again, it depends on the connection it has with Harry Potter fan fiction. New threads in Room of Requirement must be approved by a moderator.

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